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Chester is a township around fifty kilometers west of New York that seems to have got stuck in the Victorian era and hasn't really developed much since then. Farming communities are often a little behind the times and Chester is no different. Founded around the mid-1700s, apart from one period of mining activity when iron ore was discovered in the area, Chester has remained a quiet agricultural area where the nearest neighbor is acres away rather than just around the block. The short-lived mining era did bring a few migrants to Chester, but most moved on relatively quickly when the seams of iron ore petered out. One or two Italians remained though as the town's small population, which even today only sums up to less than ten thousand, proved to be great clients of the new pizzerias they opened and happily devoured the pizzas they baked.

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Chester in New Jersey is known for thin crust pizza

With Chester being so close to the Big Apple you may well expect New York-style pies to be on every pizzeria menu. They're not, but something similar is. Chester is known for its thin-crust pizzas and they're ones of a much more restrained size than the enormous New York-style pie that is so popular nationwide. The dough base of a thin crust in Chester is more or less of the same thickness as a New York-style pizza, so it makes for a great meal without being overly filling. That's perfect if you like a two or three course meal as you won't need to refrain from having a starter or dessert. They're always topped with tomato or white sauce as well as cheese and any other extra ingredients. You can even get an upside-down thin crust if you prefer to see your sauce on top.

Best delivery pizza in Chester, New Jersey

To get the best delivery pizza in Chester all you need to do is order one from Bella's. Bella's pizzeria is located on Main Street and has been there long enough to become a well-loved community establishment. That's always a good sign. Housed in a bungalow-style brick building, the most outstanding feature of Bella's premises is the kitchen which is primed for sending out pies as fast as they can bake them. It's stainless steel almost from floor to ceiling, so pristine clean too. Bella's not only bake a standard thin crust, but also have Sicilian-style pizzas on offer to which they make in round or Grandma party-tray size which is handy if you're feeding a few. Most of Bella's topping ingredients are the basic classics except their chicken cacciatore which easily qualifies as gourmet.

Best takeout pizza in Chester, New Jersey

Drop in at Guiseppe's Trattoria on Highway 206 South and you'll be able to pick up the best take-out pizza in Chester. It's a restaurant with a warm interior décor that sort of welcomes you as you walk through the door. The furniture is typical of 1950s diner-style and a little at odds with the beach and seascape murals on the walls, but sometimes eclectic works and Guiseppe's is one of those cases. Guiseppe's pizzas work too and are a tasty take-out treat whichever type of base you choose to nibble on. They have a good range of pizzas too which includes the regular thin crust, a stuffed crust, Sicilian square, calzones, and strombolis. From Guiseppe's you can pick up just about any pizza you want. Don't skip trying their Tuscany pizza, it's finished with a special balsamic glaze.

Best pizza near Chester, New Jersey


Hopatcong is the place to head for from Chester when you want some exceptional outdoor recreation time. The town is bordered by the immense Hopatcong Lake, part of the Hopatcong State Park, where there are endless hiking trails as well as good boating and fishing opportunities. For a fun diversion head over to the Wild West City to see a cowboy show before grabbing a pie from Know Just Pizza on Lakeside Boulevard.


There's no escaping the fact that Chester is in a rural area. Even if you drive five miles south you'll still be surrounded by farming lands when you get to Gladstone. What land isn't exploited for agricultural purposes has either been turned into a state park or a golf course. If you haven't got a set of clubs with you, take a stroll by the creek running through the Hacklebarney State Park then head to Dominick's on Lackawanna Avenue for a pizza.


Morristown is a few miles east of Chester and a great place for a family day out if you enjoy living museums and farming. In the suburbs of Morristown you'll find the Fosterfields Living Historical Farm where you can learn how farming was done more than a century ago. After you've fed the animals at the farm, pass by The Godfather of Morristown on Lafayette Avenue for a pizza.


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