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Jersey City is known as the pizza capital of NJ. If you are in the area, you will want to check out some of the many local pizzerias that this city has to offer. New Jersey has a long pizza history since it first came to the state in 1910. The very first Jersey pizzeria was Joe’s Tomato Pies, which was in business for many years.

After World War II, American soldiers came back with an appreciation for the dish. Those who were stationed in Italy spent a lot of time enjoying pizza and kept that appetite for it when they returned home. Everyone wanted to find the best slices around them, causing local pizzerias to explode in popularity after the war ended.

Today, you can find plenty of local and chain pizza restaurants in Jersey City. Since most of the population here is working age, you will find plenty of quick-service pizza shops.

Recommended Pizzerias in Jersey City

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Pizzerias in Jersey City with Fastest Delivery

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Pizzerias in Jersey City with Free Delivery

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Jersey City is Known for Tomato Pies

The New Jersey tomato pie is one of the most popular options at any pizzeria in Jersey City. This style of pizza consists of a thin crust with mozzarella cheese and other toppings placed first. Then, the tomato sauce is layered on top. It can also be referred to as a Trenton tomato pie since it first originated in that area during the early 1900s.

This Jersey City variant is different from the tomato pies you would find in Philly. In Philadelphia, tomato pies are much thicker and have very little cheese on top. The Trenton style is thin and crispy, with the mozzarella layered on the bottom. No matter which style you prefer, you should try the Trenton tomato pie while in New Jersey- locals love it and the recipe can be traced back to Naples.

There is a lot of debate over which tomato pie is the “right” version. However, everyone has to agree that both styles are delicious.

Best Delivery Pizza in Jersey City

Helen’s Pizza offers the fastest delivery in Jersey City. The pizzeria stays open late, is family-owned and operated, and has been in business for more than 50 years- all plenty of reasons to try their delivery out for yourself!

They have a wide selection of pizzas, salads, gyros, subs, and plenty more dishes to choose from. If you want a quick bite, customers say their to-go orders are always fast and convenient. Plus, the pizzeria is located right next to the historic downtown section of Jersey City, making it the perfect stop if you are exploring the area.

Many customers also enjoyed how fast the delivery service is, with most getting their orders much earlier than expected. Usually, it takes under an hour for you to receive your food after ordering.

If you live in Jersey City, you will want to try ordering from Helen’s at least once. For many, it becomes a personal favorite and a go-to for those days when you just don’t want to cook at home.

Best Takeout Pizza in Jersey City

If you want the best takeout in Jersey City, you should stop by the Century One Pizza on Bergen Ave. Plenty of locals prefer this shop for takeout - the service is quick and at a low price. The slices are cheesy and loved by everyone who tries them.

Their menu is always growing, so you might want to check back often. Customers also appreciated that all of their food is halal and kosher, allowing a much larger range of people to comfortably enjoy their food.

Plus, a majority of their menu is under $10. This makes them a popular pick for university students and workers on their lunch breaks looking for something quick to eat.

Overall, if you are busy and looking for a place to grab lunch, locals in the area recommend this pizzeria. If you want to order Century One Pizza takeout for yourself, you will not be disappointed- plenty of customers swear by their food.

Best Pizza Near Jersey City


Hoboken, to the north of Jersey City, has plenty of pizza options. However, their very best pizzeria would have to be Johnny Pepperoni. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, plus, there is a BYOB policy. They offer delivery, takeout, and indoor dining. That way, you can eat however is most convenient to you.

You can order a variety of Italian dishes as well. Baked shrimp scampi, mushroom fontina pie, and bruschetta are some of the most loved menu items.


Kearny is about a 24-minute drive away from Jersey City. If you are going to be driving through, you might want to stop at one of their local pizza shops. The best option would have to be Mr. Nino’s III Brick Oven Trattoria. They specialize in creating a variety of Italian dishes and offer fresh, oven-baked pizza to their customers. Mr. Nino’s is a family-focused restaurant, making it popular for parents taking their little ones out to eat.


Natoli’s in Secaucus, New Jersey is family-owned and first opened back in 1977. The store takes their customer service very seriously and has plenty of experience in making you feel welcome. The pizzeria also has a large menu, featuring everything from salads to authentic NJ Italian dishes. They even cater, so you could have their fresh food at one of your events.


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