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The best pizza in Edgewater: a local guide

The borough of Edgewater lies just across from New York, separated by the Hudson River, so it’s commonsensical to expect the locals to fancy New York-style over any other pizza type. But, that’s not necessarily the case because the residents are more into Sicilian pizza than they are its thin-crust counterpart. Blame it on the group of Italians that migrated to the area from Sicily in the early 1900s and cemented this style of pie as the first choice here. In spite of the fact that it’s Sicilian pie before any other type in Edgewater, the borough isn’t completely devoid of the New York influence because despite having all the properties and preparation methods of the authentic Sicilian pizza from Sicily, you’ll find that it’s often topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. The tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese that go on the pie are more closely linked to the New York influence than originality from Sicily. In any case, the meal is absolutely delicious, so it’s a great choice all the same.

Best Delivery Pizza in Edgewater

If you ever find yourself in a position where you need to go for pizza delivery in Edgewater – FYI, it happens a lot more than anyone in the borough may care to admit – the place you’ll choose to get your pie from will be no other than Pizza Club on River Road. Why? Because they have the best pizza delivery service in Edgewater, and that’s by a long shot. It basically boils down to a number of reasons such as the quality of the pie, prompt delivery, fresh ingredients and dough, and attention to detail to ensure all your desires are met, to name a few. When the pie arrives, it’ll be piping hot and aesthetically packaged to deepen your cravings and whet your appetite even more before you dig into the contents of the box. If there’s one thing that’s sure, it’s the fact that you won’t be disappointed, ever, with any pie you choose to go for here, be it the classic cheese pie, house specials, or something you whip up yourself. Place an order right away on Slice to get started.

Best Takeout Pizza in Edgewater

Anthony GM Pizzeria on Route 5 is the takeout pizza king in Edgewater. They know it and the residents of the borough know it. As a result, they never slack in optimizing their processes to make sure that they keep all their customers within and outside the neighborhood always satisfied with the pie they pick up from the restaurant. Even pie aficionados that are typically selective and critical doff their hats for the dishes that the pizzaiolos here make. It’s such a delight! When you arrive at Anthony GM for your pie, if you have to wait a while – which would hardly ever be the case if you order ahead on Slice – you can sit inside or outside the restaurant and enjoy the magnificent views of the New York City skyline and picturesque Hudson River. Curbside pickup is available too just in case you prefer to sit in your car while you wait. Place an order on Slice now.

Best Pizza Near Edgewater

Cliffside Park

The township of Cliffside Park is west of Edgewater and derives its name from its location as a “Park by the Cliffs”. Naturally then, you’ll expect the borough to feature nice parks, which it does. Besides, the historic Palisades Amusement Park that operated between 1898 and 1971 was one of the most visited parks in the US while it was in service. The borough is also home to reputable Italian restaurants, so feel free to hit the one on Palisade Avenue – Pizza Side – for delectable pie.


The town of Guttenberg, located south of Edgewater used to be a popular farming space in the 1800s before industrialization took hold of the town transforming it into what it is today. At some point in 1983, the New York Times described the town as "an old community of two-story row houses, small stores, and light industry." Today, there’s a lot to do if you want to have fun with your family here and you should probably begin at the Guttenberg Resource Center before you pick up lunch at El Farolito.

Fort Lee

North of Edgewater lies the borough of Fort Lee called by different names like “Hollywood on the Hudson” and the “Birthplace of the American film industry” purely because the borough placed a pivotal role in this industry at the turn of the 20th century. Two things you can do here – and that’s not exhaustive of course – are explore the Fort Lee Historic Park and enjoy the views on the George Washington Bridge. Feel free to wrap things up at Baggios Pizza Restaurant before you call it a day.

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