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Maxs 31

334 State Rte 31, Flemington, NJ 08822

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Marinellis Pizza

505 State Route 12, Flemington, NJ 08822

The best pizza in Flemington: a local guide

Flemington has been inhabited since the early 18th century, with the first tavern opened in 1756 by a man of Scotch-Irish origin, where they served simple food typical at that time. The locals enjoyed visiting the place in their free time from work at the tannery to taste delicious food and chat. Later, German immigrants in the area added their recipes to the local cuisine. In the 19th century, the first Italian immigrants from various parts of Italy settled here, finding new jobs and establishing their traditions and culture. Soon after, American interest in their cuisine grew, and many Italian taverns and pizzerias were open. So, the culinary preferences of Flemington's were enriched with different pizza types.
Today, there are plenty of pizza styles served in local pizzerias, German for the German-originated Americans who live here, Sicilian according to the recipe from Southern Italy, and Chicago deep-dish for Flemington’s Illinois neighbors. However, the most popular type in town is Neapolitan. Pizza delivery services are top-rated in Flemington, but cozy establishments where people can meet their friends and family over pizza are also common.

Flemington is Known for Neapolitan Pizza

Real pizza fans live in Flemington; they eat pies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with any crust and toppings. For breakfast, there is pizza with egg and pieces of fried meat. For lunch and dinner, tastes are broader and tend to depend on mood. However, there is still one type of pizza that the locals love the most: Neapolitan pizza. Why do Flemington residents continue to admire this pizza? The answer is that it's a simple pizza, yet has a great taste, which suits all preferences. It is also fast in preparation; the pie needs just a couple of minutes to bake in a special wood-fired oven. So, no need to wait a long time for the order, and it always comes out fresh. In addition, people in Flemington take care of their diet and prefer healthy food. Neapolitan pizza dough consists of only four components: flour, water, yeast, and salt, without any added fat. Therefore, it is a safer option for those watching their waistline.

Best Delivery Pizza in Flemington

When Flemington locals think of "real Italian" pizza, they think of pies from Joe’s Pizzeria. With a great aroma and texture and a crisp crust, it’s no wonder this place is so popular. Joe’s makes and delivers delicious hot pizza with a homemade tomato sauce, generously sprinkled with 100% natural cheese and topped with excellent meat cuts or fresh sliced veggies. Are you craving some pizza? Try their Sicilian pie with aromatic garlic crust sprinkled with olive oil, and you will surely want more. All you need to do is place an order online, and in a short time, they will deliver your meal right to your door. Joe’s pizzeria is known in the area as a place with impeccable quality, perfect service, and value for money. Many of their customers become friends, and they get tons of repeat business. Give them a try and order through Slice today.

Best Takeout Pizza in Flemington

Panatieri’s Pizza & Pasta is a local, family-owned pizzeria with a long history of making excellent Italian dishes and offers the best takeout pizza in Flemington. Like the best Italian traditions, their recipes were passed from generation to generation. From the day they opened in Flemington, this place has been consistently popular with an excellent reputation. The food at Panatieri’s is honest and made of high-quality ingredients. They get as much as they can directly from Italy to achieve the most authentic taste in the dishes they offer to their customers. There is an extensive pizza menu with five chicken options, six white pizzas, and 12 other types of fantastic pizza. Besides pizza, there are plenty of food options to choose from for takeout. The whole takeout experience is fast, with friendly professional service, which has attracted repeat customers for decades. Try their Brooklyn Sicilian slice; it’s delish!

Best Pizza near Flemington


Dominick’s Pizza is a local restaurant that offers the best thin-crust pizza in Clinton. With more than 30 different pizza options, from slices to whole pies, Dominick’s can satisfy any taste. The place is proud of its chef, who has 35 years of experience and prepares the most delicious pizza from local products as well as imported Italian ones. The dough for each pizza is prepared daily in-house, providing the freshest pizza for its customers in every order.


Galasso’s Cucina Italiana Pizza & Restaurant is a well-known local pizzeria with the best Neapolitan pizza in Lebanon. It’s also a great place to order the Italian pizza classics – Margherita, Parma, or Napoli. They also have many gourmet options created by their experienced chef. If desired, customers can replace the dough with a gluten-free one, and the vegetarian pizza options are vast. The establishment's interior is simple but cozy enough to spend a wonderful time with loved ones and try the most delicious pizza in the city.

Whitehouse Station

Sorella’s Pizza and Pasta is a small casual pizzeria serving the best pizza in Whitehouse Station, a mere ten miles from Flemington. The place is decorated with floral paintings, and the interior is cozy. There are 26 kinds of pizza on the menu, and the eight options of pan specialties are outstanding. Aside from excellent food, the place is known for great service and reasonable prices.


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