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When you visit New Jersey, it might not be obvious that there is a significant pizza culture. Most people think about New Jersey hoagies or saltwater taffy. The good news for pizza lovers is that Freehold, NJ, actually has world-class pizzerias that offer delectable pizzas for its residents and tourists. Pizza became common in the state after its introduction in 1912. The unique style of the state is nicknamed Trenton tomato pie since it originated in the state’s capital. Freehold has many pizzerias which are capable of meeting the pizza demands of its over 37,000 residents. In the entire state, an estimated 2,000 restaurants are offering delicious pizzas. Further proof of the state’s pizza focus is in its award from Food & Wine Magazine for 2021’s best pizza state in the country. Food and pizza lovers are brought together during the NJ Food & Drink Festival and Foodstock NJ, which allow people to taste different styles of pizza. The population is growing in Freehold, and the schools and businesses in the area are increasing the town’s consumption of pizza.

The best pizza in Freehold: a local guide

Make sure you order a tomato pie when you visit Freehold since it's the most consumed pizza here. Trenton tomato pie, also known as New Jersey tomato pie, was introduced to New Jersey in 1910 at a restaurant called Joe’s Tomato Pies. In early 1912 Papa's Tomato Pies opened and thus began the spread to other towns in the state. The Trenton tomato pie consists of a large, small, or medium rectangular pizza crust with oregano, anchovies, tomatoes, and onions as the typical toppings. Some pizzerias allow you to choose the toppings you prefer for a customized meal. The tomato pie tastes better when prepared using fresh ingredients and homemade dough. Since pizza culture was brought to Freehold by Italians, some pizzerias still follow the traditions by using wood-fired ovens for baking. Other pizzerias have shifted to gas ovens but still offer authentic-tasting tomato pies. Another defining feature of this style of pizza is how the toppings are applied. The mozzarella cheese goes directly on the dough, followed by your desired toppings. It’s then finished with tomato sauce on top.

Best Delivery Pizza in Freehold, New Jersey

Attilio's Pizzeria is a Freehold gem that has served the town with delectable pizzas for over 20 years. The family-owned and managed restaurant uses family recipes that have been in existence for decades. The pizzeria follows Italian traditions in its food preparations, and the results are always magnificent. Attilio's Pizzeria makes flavorsome Sicilian and Grandma pizza. You can also expect a great selection of pasta, salads, spaghetti, and appetizers. Attilio’s uses fresh ingredients and homemade dough to make their pizzas, so the result is tasty every time. The delivery is quick and there are options for takeout as well. Enjoy a delectable meal from Attilio's by ordering on Slice and get it delivered while still hot and fresh.

Best Takeout Pizza in Freehold, New Jersey

Mateo's Pizzeria is an Italian family-owned and run pizzeria in Freehold offering gourmet pizzas to suit everyone’s taste. They do an Upside Down Square Pizza and a Grandma Pizza that you have to try. They have a whole section of brick oven pizzas with unique toppings like the Greek Brick Pizza with feta, two kinds of olives, and roasted peppers. If you have special dietary requirements, Mateo’s has you covered. You’ll find a delicious gluten-free pizza as well as a cauliflower pizza crust on their menu. Vegetarians will have plenty of choice here, too. The Veggie Pizza, Spinach and Artichoke Pizza, and the Baked Ziti Pizza all contain no meat. If you want something to go with your pizza, try one of their many appetizers. There’s salad and soup for a lighter meal or choose a main course from the healthy and gluten-free section of the menu. After you’ve had your fill of their savory fare, complete your dining experience with dessert. You can’t go wrong with either the nutella pizza or cannoli. Mateo’s has been in business for many years, so they have perfected their menu, and the staff is knowledgeable. The ingredients are always fresh, and the prices won’t break the bank.

Best Pizza Near Freehold


Howell lies about eight miles southeast of Freehold and is the perfect destination for a mouth-watering pizza of any type. Corsi's Pizza is a world-class pizzeria in Howell that serves tasty authentic pizzas. Corsi’s Special Pizza is one of their most popular orders. It has pepperoni, meatballs, and sausage with a few veggies. It’s a meat-lover’s dream. The list of gourmet pies is extensive and will have your stomach growling in no time. Make sure you check them out next time you visit Howell.

Old Bridge

North of Freehold, Old Bridge has pizzerias with any type of pizza you might crave while there. Vinnie's Pizza Old Bridge is a treasure that has served the residents for many years, and they follow old recipes which enable them to make traditional pizzas. The pizzeria offers delivery and takeout pizza and you can order on Slice for a perfect experience. Try their selection of Sicilian pizza, salads, wraps, eggplant, and paninis.


Lakewood, which is northwest of Freehold, is home to award-winning pizzerias offering a wide variety of pizzas and other Italian dishes. Charlie's Pizza & Restaurant should be your choice when planning to have an unforgettable pizza experience in Lakewood. The pizzeria offers yummy Sicilian, Grandma, and thick crust pizza. They also make other dishes such as soups, paninis, boneless wings, and they have a kid’s menu. The prices are affordable, but the ingredients are always high-quality.

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