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Whether you’re looking for the classic crust of the Neapolitan, the pan-baked pies of the Sicilian, the local favorite Trenton-style tomato pie pizza, or an array of pizza side-kicks, Harrison, NJ has it all. Located only a few miles north of Newark Liberty International Airport, Harrison’s diverse and walkable town was known as "The Beehive of Industry" in the 1900s, thanks to its rapid industrial growth. Harrison may be small compared to its neighboring cities, but that conscientious history finds its home even when it comes to pizzerias.

With choice as the bread and butter of its growing demographic of young professionals and big-city commuters, Harrison hosts not just the slice-life for pizza lovers. It also boasts an authentic and riveting Italian menu for an options-hungry, pizza-craving group or individual. In short, if you want selection, Harrison has what you're looking for.

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Harrison is Known for New Jersey Tomato Pie Pizza

Trenton-style tomato pie pizza is what put New Jersey on the pizza map. Crafted and baked to perfection in wood-fired brick ovens, what gives Trenton tomato pie (or New Jersey tomato pie) its unique fingerprint is its shape. It is round instead of the typical square style of traditional Italian, New York, and Philly-style tomato pies. Starting with a thin and flakey crust, the cheese and toppings are then layered on the crust before the sauce is added on top, then it is sprinkled lightly with a hard cheese such as parmesan. The result: a saucy, aromatic, and unique palate experience that leaves an unforgettable memory.

Although when you think of New Jersey, you might think of Trenton tomato pie, New Jersey is a melting pot of pizza styles and blissful flavors. Harrison encapsulates its commitment to this collection perfectly. It is by no means uncommon in Harrison to find every type that makes East Coast pizza famous.

Best Delivery Pizza in Harrison

Located a few blocks northwest of the Red Bull Arena, Ah’ Pizz is a relatively new pizzeria to the city of Harrison. First opened in Montclair, NJ, Ah’ Pizz specializes in authentic wood-fired brick oven pizzas. Their perfectly thin dough is made with finely ground Italian wheat flour, natural Neapolitan yeast, sea salt, and water, then baked to perfection. In addition to their distinct culinary creations, they make their own mozzarella Fior-di-Latte in-house. If ordering takeout is your typical go-to, it’s hard to beat their free delivery. Or, if you’re looking for a pleasant dine-in experience, their sleek lobby is both spacious and inviting. Live music, brilliant lighting, and a full bar make Ah’ Pizz a welcome addition to the Harrison pizza community.

The Ah' Pizz menu carries a diverse selection with antipasti, pizza, pasta, salads, calzones, sandwiches, and a dessert for every kind of sweet tooth. The locals of Harrison have nothing but praise for this new pizzeria with its contemporary atmosphere and fast deliveries. If you’re craving a slice, you can’t go wrong with their Harrison-exclusive pizza. It’s topped with fresh basil, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and lightly drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

Best Takeout Pizza in Harrison

Located two blocks north of Lincoln Elementary School, Gina’s Pizzeria is the prime spot for takeout pizza in Harrison. The entire street is a side-by-side neighborhood of houses-turned-storefronts. Each house is adorned with vibrant store signs, and Gina’s Pizzeria is no small contender in this arena. Established in 1976, Gina’s Pizzeria offers both modern and classic Italian dishes, as well as an assortment of pizza slices well-loved by the locals. Many words have been used to describe the giant slices offered by this Harrison favorite: “Bigger than a 3-month-old baby” and “as big as my torso” are just a sample. To summarize: they’re huge.

Gina’s Pizzeria is an options-rich, Italian-American restaurant with pizza, heroes, stromboli, and pasta on the menu. They have great lunch options, too, like burgers and sandwiches. Mixing generous portions with their low prices is what their guests can’t get enough of, and pizza is just their opener. Gina’s has been loved for nearly 45 years and looks like it will continue to be so for countless years to come.

Best Pizza Near Harrison


Right across the Passaic River from Harrison is Newark, the most populous city in the United States. And only a small distance into Newark is the Mercato Tomato Pie pizzeria. With over 50 years of experience in the restaurant business, the Mercato Tomato Pie family is dedicated to providing an excellent experience for their guests. With their 225-square-foot wood-fired brick oven that reaches temperatures of up to one thousand degrees, Mercato Tomato Pie goes above and beyond to deliver an authentic Abruzzese atmosphere. The slice of choice for anyone looking to try Mercato Tomato Pie is their masterfully crafted thin-crust pizza. Have a non-pizza person with you? No problem. Mercato also offers a diverse menu that caters to the more selective food connoisseurs.


Just to the north of Harrison is the city of Kearny. Formed in 1867 and rich with colonial heritage, Kearny also boasts a few mouth-watering pizza locations that have the locals coming back for more. Most notably, Urban Brick Pizza. An Italian wood-fired oven, walls decorated with fun and inviting photos, and a modern design culminate in a great experience for the local Kearny community. But, what really puts Urban Brick Pizza on the map is their generous unlimited toppings and build-your-own style pizza. If pizza isn’t the craving you’re looking to satisfy, they also serve salads, pasta, and beautifully arranged helpings of wings.

Jersey City

Just a few miles east of Harrison is Jersey City. As far as pizza goes, Razza is the place to try. In 2019, Razza was named “Best Pizza in North America” by 50 Best. Dan Richer, the owner, has put his heart and soul into Italian cuisine, and his pizza is nothing short of a culinary masterpiece. What sets Razza apart from other pizzerias in Jersey City is their approach to ingredient selection. Everything that goes into Razza’s food is handpicked or made in-house, right down to the salt. Even their butter is notable for its rich flavor. In addition to pizza and authentic Italian cuisine, they offer a wide selection of spirits as well. The goal at Razza is to make the perfect pizza, and they believe that location and seasonality should dictate which ingredients to use. If you’re looking for fresh flavor and authentic Italian, Razza won’t disappoint.


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