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The best pizza in Lyndhurst: a local guide

Neapolitan pizza is one of the most popular types of pizza in the country. You’re sure to enjoy every bite of this pie type. Neapolitan pizza is known for having a very pillowy and chewy crust. The crust is also marked with char marks, due to the high temperatures the pie is cooked at. Traditionally, these pies are always prepared in a special pizza oven.

This pizza was invented about 300 years ago in Naples. The queen, Margherita, popularized the dish. She enjoyed it so much, she would send her servants out to buy the food in town. Soon, a chef created her own pizza for her.

Overall, you’re sure to enjoy the various Neapolitan pies that can be found in this town. There are so many different options and a variety of flavors for you to explore with your loved ones. Next time you need a quick bite to eat, make sure to order through Slice - we’ve got you covered!

Best Delivery Pizza in Lyndhurst

If you want to enjoy the fastest delivery in town, then you should try ordering from Turano’s Pizza Pasta Grill. This place is very well known in the town for having some of the best delivery times around. You’re sure to get your food while it’s still hot and fresh from the oven. There are plenty of reasons to love this pizzeria.

Customers also recommend that you try their sandwiches. There are plenty of options and many different types of pasta here as well. Plus, you can try a variety of pizzas and many delicious sides. A customer favorite for this place would have to be the garlic knots.

Overall, if you want a fast delivery, we recommend that you place an order online with us. We make it easy for you to order with any device you happen to have on you.

Best Takeout Pizza in Lyndhurst

Maybe you need some takeout pizza instead? You can order ahead with us and enjoy your meal at home! We recommend that you order from A1 Pizza on Ridge Road. They have amazing service and offer plenty of different menu items. Many locals use this place for provisioning take out for a family pizza night.

You can also order ahead of time and set your pickup time for your work breaks or when you know you’re going to be out of the house. That way, you can conveniently pick up your meal from A1 Pizza on your way back home.

They also offer some of the best customer service in the town- you’re sure to receive a perfectly prepared pizza every single time that you order. The staff take great care when preparing your food and get to work making it as soon as your order comes in.

Best Pizza Near Lyndhurst


If you enjoy a tomato pie, you’ll want to order from the Mercato Tomato pie in the area. They have some very large portion sizes, making them the perfect choice for feeding large families. Plus, you get a ton of food for the price. If you love tomato pies, this pizzeria makes them very authentic and delicious.

Jersey City

If you want the best pizza in Jersey City, then you’ll want to make sure that you try out Razza Pizza. They have some of the best pies in the area. You have plenty of customization choices, as well as a variety of sides to consider. No matter what you want for lunch, you’re sure to find something that satisfies here.

New York City

Song’ E Napule is one of the best places to order Italian food in the city. They have a classic Margherita pizza, which tastes amazing. They also offer calzones and plenty of other options. Plus, they have stunning desserts that you’re sure to enjoy.

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