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The best pizza in Mt Laurel: a local guide

If the time ever comes for towns and cities to compete for the title of “Home of Sicilian pizza”, you bet Mount Laurel will be one of the top contenders. Even though you’ll find a wide range of pizzas in the restaurants in this township – stuffed pizza, tomato pizza, NY pizza, grandma pizza, among others – the king of them all is Sicilian pizza and the townies are not shy about it. Sicilian pie just hits differently here and always gets them. This style of pizza doesn’t have any special preparation method that’s different from how the immigrants from Sicily made it when it first got to the US. The pie comes in a square or rectangular shape and features a thick, airy, and crunchy crust with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Depending on how the locals want it, the cheese may go on top of the sauce or vice versa.

Best Delivery Pizza in Mount Laurel

When you check out the extensive pizza menu that Angelo’s II Pizzeria & Ristorante has and you add to that the fact that they’re the leading pizza delivery restaurant in Mount Laurel, then you’ll understand why the folks in the township don’t joke with their food. Wherever you want your pie delivered to you, be it in your office, home, or at a friend’s, you can be sure that your order will get to you speedily. Of course, you know that this means your meal will be piping hot and fresh. You can bet on the taste too. You can't help but love Angelo’s. Be it a meal for one or for a large group, the pizza they’ll deliver will have a great taste and be well packaged. You’ll truly appreciate the effort of the entire team in the pizzeria because their NY pizza, Sicilian pizza, and other specialty pies are the bomb. Place an order on Slice now.

Best Takeout Pizza in Mount Laurel

Head over to Francesca’s Pizza, Pasta & Grill while you’re on your way home from work if you think it’s too late to cook or when you’re simply just craving pizza that you can pick up and eat when you arrive home. The good thing is that you can be sure you’ll catch them before they close for the day because they’re open till late. What’s more, their pies are awesome – every single item on their menu. After all, what would you expect from a pizzeria that has top-class chefs and uses only high-quality, fresh ingredients to prepare the food? It may not look like much to you but the restaurant is always clean, regardless of the time of day that you visit. What’s more, your order will be ready for you when you arrive, especially if you ordered ahead on Slice. In any case, you’ll be comfortable during the short period of time you’ll have to wait for your order if you didn’t. Make use of Slice for your order to cut the wait time.

Best Pizza Near Mount Laurel

Mount Holly

In 1688, Northampton was formed in the area that eventually became present-day Mount Holly which took its name from hills that are covered with holly trees. This is the place to visit if you love to see historical sites and buildings because they abound in this community. Begin with Burlington County Courthouse (built in 1796) and make your way to Mount Holly Cemetery, Shinn Curtis Log Hose, Friends Meeting House, and Thomas Budd House (built in 1744) before you call it a day at La Vita Pizzeria with any of their delicious house specials.


Nicely situated between the Federal Pinelands Natural Reserve and farmlands is the township of Medford, a culture and business hub that attracts visitors from far and near for diverse activities like shopping, hiking, camping, nature viewing, and quiet relaxation. The township also boasts picturesque restaurants and really great food, especially Italian cuisines like pizza. A good place to sample the pies in the township is La Bella Pizza. There are some old buildings in town too built during the American Revolutionary War.

Cherry Hill

The city of Cherry Hill lies west of Mount Laurel, just across from Philadelphia, and is called “the City of Brotherly Love”. Here, the top destination for family-centered fun is the Garden State Discovery Museum where you can create arts and crafts, learn, and play. If you happen to visit in April, you’ll be blown away by the beauty of the city’s trees. Grab a pizza at Plaza Pizza on Cooper Landing Road while you’re here so you can be confident you had a complete adventure.

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