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The best pizza in Neptune: a local guide

New York is a stone throw from Neptune Township – well, not literally literally – but close enough. So you’re absolutely bang on expecting the residents of this township to have a thing for New York-style pizza. Well, they have more than “a thing” for it – they’re crazy about New York pizza and they’re not shy about it. That’s why you’ll get authentic New York-style pizza in virtually every pizzeria in the town. What this means is that you should expect to find the thin crust pie nicely blended with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese that come in giant foldable and yummy slices when you place an order here. It’s a complete and satisfying meal if you keep it simple by not adding anything to the pie, but if you want, you can have as many toppings as you’d like on it, because the pie can take the extras on top if you can.

Best Delivery Pizza in Neptune

If you’re looking for the pizzeria with the best delivery pizza in Neptune Township, that’s easy. Just head over to NJ-66 and stop at Maurizio Pizzeria. It’s an open secret. Here, you not only get top-class pizza delivery, but also premium Italian pies that never go wrong. Never! Whether you have it delivered to you in the office for lunch, or at home for family dinner, the experience is the same – outstanding. The scale doesn’t matter too – be it for you alone or for a group. Your pie will arrive the way you want it, hot, fresh, and delicious with high-quality ingredients that you’ll know are the best with every bite. There are a wide range of pie options on the pizzeria’s menu but you can take the creative path by making your own dish too. Any way you like it, you’ll get a delicious meal. Place an order right away on Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Neptune

When it’s time for lunch or dinner and takeout pizza is what you’ll be having, then you better make sure your destination is Santino’s Pizza Etc on West Sylvania Avenue in Neptune Township. After all, why would you want to settle for anything less when you’re guaranteed the best takeout pie at this restaurant? It’s a no-brainer really, so you should worry more about which of the various delicious pies you’ll be going for among all that the restaurant serves. If you already have a favorite pie you pick up from here, even better. Fair warning though, if you do decide to try out another type of pie, the confusion about which to pick may return all over, because every dish here is a hit! To Santino’s, consistency and excellence are the driving forces behind all their processes, so knowing that will make everything suddenly make sense to you and you’ll see why even you are a regular here. Place an order now on Slice.

Best Pizza Near Neptune


Farmingdale, the borough otherwise known as “Today’s Town…with Yesterday’s Touch” used to be a small neighborhood with only a few houses. Starting out as a settlement around an Indian path, the town is now a vibrant community with a commercial district and plenty of attractions, chief among which are Allaire State Park and the Historic Village at Allaire. If you enjoy golf, Farmingdale is the place for you. Pie aficionados here don’t joke with Bruno’s Pizza.

Ocean Township

Ocean Township, the “mother town” of Neptune Township was created in 1849 and is popular as “The Community of Gracious Living”. Still, if you’re here on a visit, there are lots of gracious things to do and enjoy and there’s no better place to start than at Weltz Park. Here, you can go on exciting hikes, watch birds, and relax by taking in the scenic natural landscapes. Look out for mud flats, wetlands and other natural habitats at Whale Pond Brook Preserve as you head over to Nick’s Pizza & Grill for dinner.

Wall Township

Named after General Garret D. Wall, this township is the place to go for fascinating history lessons and a journey back in time. Featuring top sites like the New Jersey Museum of Transportation and the Old Wall Historical Society, rest assured there’s a lot to learn as you explore this beautiful township. The perfect place to round it all up is Pasquale’s Pizzeria on East Hurley Pond Road where you’ll get Brooklyn or Detroit-style pizza that hits the spot.

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