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Old Bridge is a suburb of New York City. Because of its location, it shares many of the same pizza tastes with the big city. Many people living here enjoy the New York slice and prefer it to be as authentic as possible.

The pizza originated in Italy and came back with American soldiers as they returned from WWII. The recipe was altered to better suit the workers who would order it the most often. The slice was large, yet thin enough to fold in half. That way, the workers could easily eat the pizza while they walked to and from work on their breaks.

Today, many people in Old Bridge still love eating pizza. No matter what kind you personally enjoy, you should be able to find something there to love! Slice Life has you covered, so be sure to keep scrolling. We are confident you’ll find a pizzeria to try out next below.

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The best pizza in Old Bridge: a local guide

Traditionally, the New York Style pizza is made from a large, thin crust. To achieve this, the cook prepares the dough by tossing it into the air. The dough spreads out into the classic, large pies we know and love. The technique has been used for hundreds of years to achieve this type of thin crust.

New York pizza slices are made large enough to fold in half. Most slices are the size of an entire paper plate. The slices are usually sold through takeout, making them easy to eat while on the go.

Overall, everyone loves a classic New York slice- especially the people living in Old Bridge! Since the town is a suburb of New York City, many of the pizzerias are very authentic in how they prepare the pie. Locals will even travel to the city to get the most authentic possible slices from time to time.

Best Delivery Pizza in Old Bridge

If you want the best, fastest delivery in the town, then make sure that you stop by Vinnie’s Pizza. The location has plenty of options for Italian food and even some for seafood. No matter what you decide to order, the staff will handle your order with care.

They usually bring your food faster than expected, so you can be sure to enjoy it hot and fresh. They also create the classic New York pie, which folds in half perfectly. The staff will purposefully give you extra-large slices so you can do this.

Overall, they have wonderful prices and even better food! You will want to order if you are living or staying at the location. The locals love everything that the place has on their menu. We are confident that you will too. Many people prefer the classic cheese New York slice, making it the most popular option there.

Best Takeout Pizza in Old Bridge

Attilio’s Pizza is the best place to order takeout in Old Bridge. Locals say that it is the best Italian restaurant in the city. They have real, classic Italian pies and offer plenty of different options for their toppings. Plus, the store prepares all of their pizzas fresh each day- allowing you to get the most flavor from them.

Many customers also love the eggplant parm sandwich and their other sides. The store has a wonderful value, so many customers will order plenty of items for their family dinners. You can easily pick up your order when you use Slice Life on your way home from work.

Overall, this place has some of the best pizzas in Old Bridge. You can try a wide variety of Italian foods and experience an amazing New York pizza slice. They have a wonderful environment and great value.

Best Pizza Near Old Bridge


If you want to try the best pizza in Newark, check out the Mercato restaurant. The location has its own authentic, brick pizza oven. They add plenty of toppings to their pies and offer a thick, chewy crust. The restaurant is also pretty new, so it should offer something you haven’t experienced before.

Jersey City

Sage Eats in Jersey City has some of the best pizza in the downtown area. They make a delicious and authentic Neapolitan-style pie, so you will want to visit when you can! Many locals love the atmosphere. You get your own personal pie to add toppings to as you choose.

New York City

There are plenty of amazing pizzas that you can try in New York City. However, we recommend that you visit Zero Otto Nove in the near future. They have plenty of wood-fired pizzas that we think you’ll love!

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