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The best pizza in Piscataway: a local guide

When you’re in Piscataway, prepare yourself to see what authentic Sicilian pizza looks like because this is the favorite pie of the townies. Yes, you’ll see the thick spongy bread-based crust that features a meatless sauce and toppings like onions, herbs, anchovies, and tomatoes. This is largely down to the fact that the early immigrants from Italy to the area were from Sicily, so they successfully injected the love for Sicilian pizza into the residents of the town. That’s not a bad thing anyway, because if you’ve tasted original Sicilian pizza, you may not want to try out any other style of pizza. Consider the fact that this was the first style they were introduced to, and you’ll see why it’s Sicilian or nothing. Given that the initial pizzaiolos in the town were Italians who knew the original recipe and ingredients for Sicilian and handed this delicacy down from one generation to the other until the present day, and you can tell that the preparation methods remain original. At least if you request for a pie, you’re getting the one that comes with the traditional recipe, except you specify how you want yours customized.

Best Delivery Pizza in Piscataway

In Piscataway, the place to get delivery pizza is Ottos Pizza & Pasta on Clinton Avenue. It’s as simple as that! Why? First and foremost, the entire team at the pizzeria will go to any length to ensure you get the exact dish you desire at the best quality there is anywhere in the town. That’s why they always use fresh dough and high-quality ingredients for all their pies because that’s where truly excellent service begins. What’s more, they offer a wide range of pie specials so that they can cater to their customers’ dietary requirements or taste bud cravings. Let’s talk about their pizza delivery in itself. As a hungry person, there’s nothing more reassuring than the thought that your meal will arrive on time. That alone is a lifesaver, and in that sense, no one saves more lives in Piscataway. If you’re still not convinced, place an order on Slice and see for yourself.

Best Takeout Pizza in Piscataway

Is takeout pizza your thing and you’re in Piscataway? Then you should know Gianni’s Pizzarama on Stelton Road. If you don’t, then it’s probably because you just arrived in town and haven’t had the chance to get takeout yet. That’s the only possible explanation. Has to be. Because Gianni’s has long served the town with premium takeout pizza, to the extent that the pizzeria has become a hangout for lots of residents in the town. Why wouldn’t that be when Gianni’s has been serving high-quality takeout pie here since 1987? If it’s your first time ordering, best believe you’ll have a total experience that transcends just the tasty pizza – quality service, friendly atmosphere in the beautifully set up restaurant, to mention a few. Oh, yes, you get consistently great pie every time you pick one up here. In fact, you’ll quickly get used to it that it’ll come to be the norm. Go ahead and place an order now on Slice.

Best Pizza Near Piscataway


Just north of Piscataway is the city of Plainfield, an area settled by Quakers in the late 1600s with a rich and interesting history. While you’re in town, there’s a lot for you to do to stay active, so it basically boils down to what your interests are. The parks in the city are spots for outdoor activities like sports, hiking, skateboarding etc., while you could also swim in any of the several pools in the city. Feeling like pizza? Head over to Ferraro’s Pizza to get your cravings satisfied.

New Brunswick

The city of New Brunswick lies south of Piscataway and is famous as the birthplace of Independence Day because it’s the location where George Washington announced the government’s first celebration of the day. In this city named after the royal house of Brunswick in England, you can ride and bike, explore the historic Raritan River Canal or sign up for an adventure at Boyd Park. When you’re done, you can wrap up at Panico’s Brick Oven Pizza.


The Lenape Native Americans were the original inhabitants of the town of Bridgewater during a time when it was predominantly a farming community. Nowadays, the town is a top destination for tourists that want to learn about the history and cultural heritage of the folks in the region. Lots of historic sites like The Van Home House, Van Veghten House, and many other places of worship attract plenty. You’ll get top-class thin crust pizza and Sicilian pizza here too at Enrico’s Pizza & Pasta.

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