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The best pizza in Point Pleasant: a local guide

The original inhabitants of what is present-day Point Pleasant were the Lenape Native Americans who called the area the Land of Tall Timber. They lived here until around the mid-1600s when the first European explorers settled and started to farm, fish, and build boats. Logging was a significant aspect of the economy of the area as it began to gradually expand. Although it is a separate community from Point Pleasant Beach, Point Pleasant derived its name from the beach community. When you visit Point Pleasant today, you’ll be open to plenty of opportunities to pursue diverse recreational interests, regardless of whether you’re alone or with family and/or friends. One of the top spots in the borough is The Boardwalk, which is a mile long and features amusement areas for families, an aquarium, live entertainment, exciting games, as well as an ice-cream joint. The food is great here too, and you’ll surely love the pies because they’re very tasty. If you’re looking for more, feel free to expand your adventure by visiting the nearby beach community to participate in as many watersports as you wish.

Point Pleasant is known for Sicilian pizza

At Point Pleasant in Ocean County, New Jersey, the style of pizza that the locals love and are known for is Sicilian pizza. Here, the thick crust pie with a square or rectangular shape and spongy texture is the key to every pie aficionado’s heart. Even though both shapes of the pie are available, the square version is more popular than the rectangular one. As regards what goes on the pie, the locals fancy mozzarella cheese, feta cheese, and cheddar cheese more than any other type of cheese, and would choose tomato sauce first before others. There’s no such thing as a particular favorite topping here, because there are so many fresh and high-quality toppings to choose from. Besides the traditional Sicilian pizza, there are some other variants that the locals also enjoy from time to time, each of which has a slightly tweaked preparation method. Examples include thin-crust Sicilian pizza, Supreme Sicilian pizza, and Brooklyn Sicilian pizza. The pizzaiolos know what the folks in Point Pleasant want and cater to their desires completely.

Best Delivery Pizza in Point Pleasant

If you ask any resident of Point Pleasant that has ordered pizza and had it delivered from a number of restaurants in the borough to choose their favorite pizza place, the response would be Maria’s Pizza. Why? Because Maria’s Pizza is the best pizza delivery joint in the borough, and that’s by a long shot. What’s more, it doesn’t matter if the order was a regular cheese pizza, square pies like Sicilian or grandma pizza, or any of the specialty pizzas served by the restaurant, the result would remain the same. Try out their service by placing an order for an item on their menu or building one yourself from scratch and watch out for how quickly your pie will arrive, the quality and freshness of the ingredients, as well as how close to your request your order will be when it arrives. You’ll be pleasantly surprised on all counts! Folks in the borough not only count on the restaurant for single deliveries, but also for group deliveries and large orders. Place an order on Slice now.

Best Takeout Pizza in Point Pleasant

Any time you wish to grab a box or two of pizza while you’re on the road, the best place to make that detour to is Alfredo’s Pizzeria & Restaurant, simply because their takeout pizza is the stuff of royalty. Each of their pies, be it the gluten free, cauliflower crust, large pizzas like meat, buffalo chicken, cheesesteak, etc., are made fresh with top-quality mozzarella cheese and flavorful sauce to make your pie exactly what you pictured when you placed the order for pickup. This restaurant on New Jersey 88 is a nice little place that welcomes guests and customers with pleasant aromas and a warm ambiance. Even if you move away from Point Pleasant, you’ll always remember the pies you picked up from here and look forward to your next visit. The chefs at Alfredo’s know how to cook and blend the condiments to make a meal that you’ll leave smiling. Place an order now on Slice.

Best Pizza Near Point Pleasant


The borough of Mantoloking is located south of Point Pleasant and was also home to Lenape Native Americans before the arrival of settlers. The borough’s name is considered to have several meanings, two of which are frog ground and sand place. Families that visit for an evening or weekend can spend time at the Mantoloking Bridge County Park or Swan Point State Natural Area here before heading over to Mantoloking Road Alehouse for good pizza.

Brick Township

The Havens Homestead Museum is one of the top sights in Brick Township because it tells the story of one of the original settlers in the area. Daily tours are available in the museum for all that visit and there’s also a gift shop. Hikers and anglers that wish to spend time here always make their way to the Brick Township Reservoir because that’s where the fun is. As for lovers of pie, the place to go is Serpico’s Pizza.


Manasquan is a word that means place to gather grass or reeds in the Lenape language. Other meanings attributed to the name of this borough that’s north of Point Pleasant include an island with enclosure for squaws, stream of the island of squaws etc. As a former Lenape community, there’s plenty to learn about the history of the borough, and there’s no better place for that than the Bailey-Reed House Museum of the Squan Village Historical Society. When it’s dinner time, Qua Pizza on Main Street is the ideal place to go.

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