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The best pizza in Ramsey: a local guide

Ramsey is a borough in Bergen County, New Jersey, that was named after one of the landowners in the area during its early days – Peter J. Ramsey. The borough is well known for the Old Stone House that was built in the 1700s and was originally a farmhouse, before it was later used as a tavern. Today, the house is a historic site that’s open to guests who fancy artifacts and items that point to the history of the area. Italians have long had a major presence in Ramsey and Bergen County at large which is why there are plenty of Italian cuisines in the restaurants in the borough. So, if you’re here for the food, you’re going to enjoy it. Vacationers in town also have several places to explore such as Finch Park, Gertzen Plaza, Ramsey Municipal Pool, and Suraci Pond.

Ramsey is known for Thin Crust pizza

Here in Ramsey, the style of pizza that reigns supreme is thin-crust pizza, which is why you’ll find an abundance of New York pies, New England pies, grandma pies, and other thin crust-style pizzas in the borough. The residents certainly love a wide range of pizza delicacies as long as it comes with a thin crust. That’s not to say you won’t come across other thick crust pies here – of course you will – meaning that fans of Sicilian pizza and stuffed pizza will also enjoy good meals here. Because the preference in the borough is primarily towards how thin the crust of pie is, it means that individuals get to choose the particular texture that suits their cravings. In other words, the degree of crispness and chewiness of the crust is up to you. The popular cheese and sauce are mozzarella and tomato respectively, but there’s room for variety too if that’s what floats your boat.

Best Delivery Pizza in Ramsey

What jumps at you when you hear that the restaurant’s name is New York Pizza is the kind of pizza they serve – New York pizza – but that’s not the complete story. To start with, even though the restaurant serves delicious and authentic New York pizza, that’s not all there is to their menu, because they also prepare stuffed pies, white pizza, and a host of other gourmet pies that are equally as amazing. Secondly, and probably most notably, the restaurant is the most reliable pizza place in the borough for pizza delivery. Because New York Pizza consistently delivers pizza to the locals on time, it is the default place to get single or group pizza orders in Ramsey. What’s more, every bite of the pie you get from here is delicious and makes you want more of it. Feel free to place an order now on Slice for yours.

Best Takeout Pizza in Ramsey

At Anthony Francos Pizza on East Main Street, you can never get tired of pizza because they offer so many things that make the entire experience worthwhile. If you want to tap into the highest level of excellence at this pizzeria, simply place an order for takeout pizza. Pay close attention if it’s your first time and you’ll see why there’s so much hype about the restaurant among those that are long-term fans of their takeout pizza. You’re going to be treated like family by the team at the pizzeria, every detail of your order – no matter how simple or complex – will be adhered to, and your meal will be ready for you on arrival so that you can grab it and be on your way if you’re in a hurry. Otherwise, you’re welcome to spend a few minutes in the friendly and clean restaurant while you admire the pizza displays. Order on Slice now.

Best Pizza Near Ramsey

Upper Saddle River

What was initially a rural agricultural community is now present-day Upper Saddle River, a borough with a rich and preserved history east of Ramsey. Little wonder why the community is a nice destination for history buffs and those seeking a cool place to relax, refresh, and recharge. Annual events and recreation programs for young and old also make Upper Saddle River a place to engage in exciting outdoor activities. There’s premium pizza available at Elmer’s Deli Grill & Pizza too, so that’s another reason to visit.


The borough of Mahwah lies north of Ramsey and derives its name from the Lenape word that means meeting place or a place where paths meet. Originally occupied by the Lenape tribe of Native Americans, Mahwah is home to several parks that welcome vacationers and fun lovers to explore various natural spaces and landscapes. If you’re a fan of mountain climbing, you’ll definitely enjoy every minute of your stay here. If, on the other hand, pizza is what gets you, you shouldn’t leave without eating at Sonny & Tony's Pizza & Italian Restaurant on Ridge Road.


The borough of Allendale borders Ramsey to the south and was named after Joseph Warren Allen. Within the borough, one of the top spots to visit is the Celery Farm, where there are lots of animals and rare birds – a haven for wildlife viewers. Another place to visit here for good recreation opportunities is Crestwood Park where there’s room to sit by beaches, and also swim in the man-made lake. Delicious brick oven pizza is available at Village Pizza & Pasta for dinner, so keep that in your itinerary.

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