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The borough of Somerville was home to Native Americans before the English and Dutch took possession of the lands in the mid-1700s and named it Somerville. At the time, the community was a fully agricultural society but when the railroad came in the 1840s, economic development and expansion hit the borough. Not long after, hydroelectricity was developed along the Raritan River sparking further growth of the area. Somerville is popular as the site of the oldest competitive bicycle race in the US which took place in 1940. The borough has changed a lot since it was incorporated in 1909 from a small community to a vibrant space with plenty of attractions and recreation destinations. You can visit the Somerville Court House, Wallace House, Fire Museum, etc. to see vintage structures. The borough is also popular for its retail shops and dining locations too, and you can bet pizza is one of the staples enjoyed by the locals.

The best pizza in Somerville: a local guide

Somerville is often referred to as a Sicilian neighborhood in New Jersey and that’s purely down to the fact that so many Italians that migrated from Sicily to the US between the late 1800s and early 1900s came here to settle. As a result, they brought their unique culture, music, theatre, and food and infused it into the people here. That’s why Somerville is known for its Sicilian pizza. Okay, there’s no doubt that the foreigners introduced the pie to the locals in this borough, but that’s only half the story. The other part, of course, has to do with how amazing the pizza style is both in terms of the taste and the aesthetics. Like any other authentic Sicilian pizza, the pie you’ll find in Somerville has a thick crust, square shape, fluffy base, and flavorful cheese and sauce. Common toppings that go on the pie include onions, herbs, pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon etc. The pizzaiolos in the borough are masters of the art and the pie aficionados thoroughly enjoy it.

Best Delivery Pizza in Somerville

Every time a resident of Somerville wants their pie brought over to them, the first pizza joint that comes to mind is Prima Pizza Kitchen on North Gaston Avenue. That’s for no other reason besides the fact that the restaurant has the best pizza delivery in the borough. What’s more fascinating is that they deliver to any scale you want, whether it’s for you alone, your family for dinner, or a large-scale party with friends and colleagues. The quality is no less regardless of how big or small you want it. You’ll be able to tell that all the ingredients used in making the pie are fresh from the moment you start eating, and you’ll agree that they know how to perfectly cook the stuff. Quite frankly, you might have to fight off the desire to place another order for delivery before you’re done with the one you’re digging through. Guess what? Nothing stops you from placing that order on Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Somerville

Central Pizzeria. The home of takeout pizza in Somerville. This restaurant has been serving Italian dishes to the residents of Somerville since 1955. Yes, 1955. So that tells you how cordial the bond and relationship is between the restaurant and the residents. Takeout has simply become synonymous to Central Pizzeria. Rest assured that the family that owns and operates the pizza place keeps passing on the excellence and originality of their dishes from one generation to the next. Central is open till late at night, so they’re there to save your blushes when you get so buried in work that you totally forget about dinner until everyone’s closed. It’s even more exciting when you consider the fact that you won’t have to settle for second best because you’re ordering your takeout pizza late. In any case, you’re assured of a wonderful dining experience whenever you pick up your pie and settle down to eat. Place an order for yours now on Slice.

Best Pizza Near Somerville


The borough of Raritan borders Somerville to the west and is a true representation of their motto – a friendly town of friendly people – so you can be sure that your time here will be a delightful one. The top destination in the borough is the Frelinghuysen Park that welcomes families to spend time together and bond through activities like picnicking and sports. Pizza Brothers on Thompson Street is a great place for family dinner here.


The borough of Manville is a few miles south of Somerville in a low-lying flood plain landscape that’s bordered by streams and rivers. Here, you can spend time at the river banks relaxing and enjoying the fresh air, or visit the pool facilities at Cooper Park or Memorial Park for swimming if you’re down for that. Frank’s Pizza Italian Restaurant is a popular joint here so you could create time to go over for a deep dish, Sicilian, or round pizza.


Head over to the borough of Middlesex that transitioned from a farming community in the 1700s to a vibrant and outgoing community in present day. Here, there’s so much to do and learn at the parks and top attractions, so feel free, for instance, to head over to Victor Crowell Park to hike a trail or sit by the docks to view the water. After a long and exciting day exploring the neighborhood, retire to Pizza Center and request any of their specialty pizzas for a nice meal.

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