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The best pizza in Amherst: a local guide

Amherst is a very populated town in New York State and is true to the New York tradition of fancying the authentic thin-crust pie that was adapted from Neapolitan pizza in the early 1900s more than any other type of pizza. Every pizzeria in the town serves the authentic thin-crust New York pizza because that’s exactly what the folks here want. The hand-tossed dough comes from high-gluten flour, yeast, sugar, and olive oil, as well as the popular minerals in the water. The tomato sauce is usually heavily seasoned and features a number of ingredients like garlic, basil, crushed red pepper, salt, etc. As for the cheese, low-moisture mozzarella is the top choice for the pie, while other kinds of cheese can go on top of the moz. As is popularly known, the NY pizza is delicious without any topping, but if you want toppings, the pie can carry it.

Best Delivery Pizza in Amherst

For the best pizza delivery service in Amherst, the go-to restaurant is La Nova Pizzeria on Main Street. Every slice of the pie you get from here is nothing short of excellent and you’ll tell the pizza was made with your satisfaction in mind. Whether you place an order for the whole box, or just a slice or two, you’re guaranteed a first-class experience as you eat the pizza that’s delivered to you. Another reason La Nova Pizzeria is the talk of the town, besides the fact that their delivery service is the best, relates to how consistent they are when it comes to the quality of their pies. You can never go wrong ordering from them, whether it’s multiple times in one day, or every day. Their extensive menu and generous toppings are just the icing on the cake.
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Best Takeout Pizza in Amherst

Make your way to Zetti’s Pizza & Pasta on Maple Road if what you’re looking for is the best place to get carryout pizza in Amherst. The pizza chefs in this restaurant make mean pizza that come in various sizes with delicious toppings that makes everyone that sees the pie salivate in anticipation of the bite. What about the way the pie is packaged? Aesthetics at its best. When you arrive to pick up your takeout pizza, the warm ambiance in the restaurant will greet you while you grab a chair as you wait for your order to be ready. You’ll like the pizzeria’s interior decor and enjoy the good views of the busy street too. On the other hand, you may wish to take advantage of the curbside delivery service they offer, meaning you can wait in your car for your order. Place an order for your pie now on Slice so you can cut the waiting time and arrive just in time for pickup.

Best Pizza Near Amherst


Cheektowaga town was initially part of Amherst before it became a standalone town in 1839, starting out as a rural farming area. You can start your adventure here by taking a stroll through Stiglmeier Park with your family along miles of scenic hiking trails, and sit for a while if you need to rest or catch your breath. Don’t be surprised if you spot a deer in the park. Opportunities to swim are also available at Cheektowaga Town Park if you’re up for that. When it’s time for dinner, your destination should be the award-winning Chick-N-Pizza Works for premium pizza.


The city of Tonawanda lies northwest of Amherst in a deeply historic setting that beckons on all that love to take trips down memory lane. Three places in the city where you can visit for this kind of experience are the Kibler High School, Tonawanda Armory, and US Post Office-Tonawanda. Other spotlight destinations in the city where you’ll have a great time are Gateway Harbor, the Erie Canal, and Olisi’s New York Pizza on Sheridan Drive.


The city of Buffalo is one of those places where you never feel like you’ve had enough fun, no matter how long you’ve been there. With so many things to do here, the time spent in the city will be unforgettable. If you’re putting together a list, feel free to add the miles of trails that run along the lakeshore, Niagara Falls, Larkin Square, and Burchfield Penney Art Center to it. Of course, add Mustachio’s Pizzeria to it too cos what’s a visit to Buffalo without their pizza?

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