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The best pizza in Lancaster: a local guide

Lancaster locals love their New York City-style pizza. Maybe because Lancaster is in New York state, or maybe because New York-style pizza is delicious. Who knows! Either way, the folks of Lancaster love to dive into a crispy thin-crust loaded with the perfect ratio of tomato sauce to melted, gooey mozzarella.

The key to the best New York City-style pizza rests in the crust. To make an NYC pizza, the crust must be thin so that it crisps up in the oven. The sauce cannot be too watery, otherwise, it will make the crust soggy and saggy. Lastly, the cheese must be melted completely, with a light golden hue on top.

If the crust stays thin and crisp and can hold the weight of the sauce and cheese, then it can be a New York slice. And Lancaster has plenty of pizzerias that have mastered this technique.

Best Delivery Pizza in Lancaster

When assessing where to order pizza delivery from, the three things to know are wait time, delivery cost, and if the food is good or not. In Lancaster, there is one pizza place that rises above them all as the superior pizza delivery place: Ronny's Take-Out!

Although the words "take out" are in the name, Ronny's Take Out delivers as well! They have a cheap delivery fee, although their food is of high quality. The average wait time is approximately 40 minutes from the moment you order to the moment it arrives at your door!

The menu is home to pizza, tacos, weekly and daily specials, pasta, and much more. There are unique specialty pizzas, like the taco pizza, as well as beloved classics like plain old cheese! If you order pizza from Ronny’s Take Out, be sure to check out their stinger pizzas, which are a local favorite and a must-try for any visitor!

Best Takeout Pizza in Lancaster

If you are a person who tends to be more on the go and out and about, then takeout might be a better option than delivery! In Lancaster, there are plenty of great pizzerias that do takeout! One of the best options for takeout is Pizza Guys!

The Pizza Guys menu is almost 100% pizza or pizza-related, so if you are a pizza enthusiast, this would be the place to go! Pizza Guys sells traditional pizzas, specialty pizzas like breakfast pizza and kebab pizza, and has daily specials like baked ziti, chicken parm, and other Italian favorites. Be sure to check out their salads and side dishes to complete your meal.

The great thing about Pizza Guys is you can order ahead of time online to schedule a pickup or call in your order. The wait time is approximately 15-30 minutes, so if you order ahead, your food will most likely be ready and waiting for you!

Best Pizza Near Lancaster

Spring Brook

Pizza Delizia Italian Classics in Spring Brook, New York is a great local pizza place where you can get authentic New York City pizza without the city! They have traditional favorites like sausage, cheese, and pepperoni alongside specialty gourmet pizza like the Godfather, the beefeater, and broccoli cheddar.

They have plenty of delicious Italian side dishes as well, so don’t forget to look at those!


If you ever find yourself in Clarence, NY, be sure to grab a slice or a pie at Gianni Mazia’s on Main. Their slogan is “food like mama makes” and they sure do deliver! Here, you will find delicious, homestyle Italian cooking in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Gianni Mazia's sells a variety of different pizzas, such as traditional favorites, wood-fired brick oven pizzas, and a variety of specialty pizzas, like the desperate housewife.


A couple of miles West of Lancaster you will find the city of Buffalo, NY. Within this great city, you will find a wide variety of pizzerias, but a local favorite is Imperial Pizza. Imperial Pizza has all the subs, sides, and service you could dream of.

Their most popular dish is the classic Buffalo-style pizza; a thick crust with a sweet tomato sauce, buffalo-style cheese, and pepperoni. They do delivery, takeout, and dine-in.

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