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The best pizza in Mahopac: a local guide

Mahopac may be a hamlet in New York, but one thing that you’ll definitely find here which sits at the level of what you’ll get in big cities is pizza. It’s almost as though pizza is the only meal here and the residents don’t eat any other thing. Why? Because there’s hardly any style of pizza that you love that you won’t find in the hamlet’s pizzerias – New York, thin crust, stuffed, Neapolitan, grandma, veggie, gluten-free, etc. Each and every pie on the list is excellently prepared by the pizzaiolos and caters to every pie aficionado’s cravings. Now to the interesting part! Even though Mahopac is home to various pizza styles, the one that stands out is Sicilian pizza, and they not only do the traditional thick crust square Sicilian pie here, but also cook delish thin-crust square Sicilian pizza. The hamlet is basically a paradise for anyone that loves pie because you’ll keep getting blown away by the awesomeness of the pies here.

Best Delivery Pizza in Mahopac

Cacciatori Pizza & Pasta is the joint to get pizza from if you’re too busy to cook in Mahopac. The restaurant has been serving the residents of the town for a long time and has won the hearts of young and old here through their consistent quality meals and excellent delivery. With Cacciatori, you know your pizza will come on time and what else is better than that assurance that the hunger you feel will be gone before you know it? Busy families in Mahopac don’t joke with Cacciatori because no one takes care of them as well as this restaurant does. If you’re wondering what you can get here, there’s an extensive menu, which also includes the option for you to build your own pizza yourself from scratch with your desired cheese, sauce, and toppings. Some of the house specials are NY-style pie and eggplant rollatini. Get yours now via Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Mahopac

If you’re looking for great Margarita pizza in Mahopac, head over to Mike & Joe’s Wood Fired Pizza & Pasta on Route 6, grab one as takeout and you’ll be absolutely pleased. Interestingly, that’s just one out of the many pies that the restaurant serves that delights the locals. To fully comprehend how amazing their pies are, go through their menu and order any pie that jumps at you as takeout. There’s a full-service bar in the restaurant too, so feel free to have ideas while you wait for your order to be ready for pickup. Another thing that makes the pie you’ll get at Mike & Joe’s taste different is the fact that they use wood-fired ovens. If you taste one of such pies, you may not want any other type again. That’s the story of everyone that’s hooked on their pizza here – a memorable relationship of satisfied cravings and delightful takeouts. Order yours now on Slice.

Best Pizza Near Mahopac

Carmel Hamlet

Carmel Hamlet lies northeast of Mahopac and is commonly called Carmel. It’s a great place to visit for fascinating historic sights and sites such as the County Courthouse (built in 1814) and the David D. Bruen County Office Building. Exciting water recreation opportunities abound too at West Branch Reservoir and Lake Gleneida where you and yours can rest and recharge. There’s no better place to load up than at Luigi’s Famiglia Cucina – Italian Restaurant on Gleneida Avenue.

Peach Lake

The hamlet of Peach Lake sits east of Mahopac on the northeastern end of Peach Lake within two towns and counties. The area used to be home to farming families who were the original settlers but gradually opened up into a dairy hub and a site that welcomes visitors and promotes recreation. All in all, it’s a wonderful place to visit with family to get away from the noise. If you’re craving pizza, you can take a quick drive east to Portofinos Pizza & Pasta for one.


The village of Brewster was named after Walter Brewster, a resident who opened up his property to be used for a railroad depot. That railroad built in the early to mid-1800s is now often called Brewster’s and was a catapult for development in the village. You should visit the station whenever you’re in town. The home of delectable pie in the village in Portofinos Pizza & Pasta, so add it to your itinerary so you don’t forget.

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