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Whitestone, NY is so close to the heart of New York City, you will find that this area is a great place for Italian pizza of all kinds. Pizza places here in this city offer deep dish pizza, grandma-style pizza, thin-crust pizzas, and more. Whitestone has held onto some long-term family restaurants that really define the area. There are many older people still living in this area as well as younger families that are getting established. This means that you will get a blend of traditional dining options as well as fun fusion offerings.

Whitestone is an area that has many pizza places and pizza shops and you can enjoy sit-down meals as well as get a great takeout meal here with ease. This is a place where you can get almost any kind of pizza and all of it is really good. From family dining to Italian family dining, this area offers something for everyone in this food category.

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Whitestone is Known for Italian Pizza

Whitestone is well-known for Italian pizzas of all kinds. You can find Grandma-style pizza here, you can get a great thin-crust Italian crust, and you can find amazing deep-dish New York pizza. This is one of the best places to enjoy the pizza that the New York area is famous for. You can also get really excellent pasta-themed pizzas in this area that are full of all the right ingredients to be delicious and hearty.

This is a great place to try all of the most famous pizza types for the New York area and you will have your pick of all kinds of really interesting and delicious pizzas to enjoy when you are eating here. There is no shortage of really creative pizzas on offer as well as traditional favorites that anyone will love. Being able to get the New York-style pizza that you have been dreaming of is a guarantee when you eat at any of the pizza locations in this area.

Best Delivery Pizza in Whitestone

Cascarino’s Pizza offers affordable and prompt delivery from their location in Whitestone. There are many interesting pizzas on the menu here, from the salad pizza to their excellent Upside Down Sicilian Pizza. You can get BBQ Chicken Pizza off the menu here as well as White Pizza, and stuffed pizzas that are truly amazing. The wide menu offerings here mean that there is something for everyone and you will be able to deliver the right food to your crew at home with ease.

If you love pizzas that are dressed up like pasta, there is an entire menu section at Cascarino’s just for this style of pizza. Enjoy an amazing range of offerings in this pizza type from Prosciutto di Parma, to Pizza Alla Vodka, to Mascarpone Pizza. This is a location that offers a really complete list of pizza favorites that everyone in your family will enjoy.

Best Takeout Pizza in Whitestone

Gigi’s Pizzeria offers really great takeout options for everyone. You can get a really good White Pizza here as well as an excellent Baked Ziti Pizza. They also offer BBQ Chicken Pizza and a really delicious veggie pie. This location is the right place to head to if you want a Grandma pizza or if you are interested in a really classic Margherita Pizza. There are mini pan pizzas for the kids or those who don’t have a huge appetite.

You will also want to be sure to add some classic mozzarella sticks and breadsticks to your order since this location has some of the most delicious sides on the menu that you can get in this area. They also offer really good salads and pasta plates to go with your pizza. This is a really great Italian family location that will offer you all of your favorite dishes every time you order from them.

Best Pizza Near Whitestone

Great Neck, NY

Rosa’s Pizza in Great Neck offers Sicilian pizzas, great garlic knots, and a full range of round and square-cut pizzas for your enjoyment. Their square Sicilian pies are some of the best in the entire New York area and you can enjoy all kinds of great and authentic toppings on every order that you place here. This is a great place to find really authentic pizza as well as really excellent Italian fare on a diverse menu that has something for everyone.

New Rochelle, NY

Deanna’s Pizzeria & Restaurant in New Rochelle gives you the chance to try great gourmet pizzas as well as gluten-free offerings that are very good. They make lasagna-inspired pizzas as well as really amazing focaccia that some of their pizzas are made on. Enjoy both New York-style slices here and thin-crust pies to suit your unique tastes and desires. This location offers an extensive list of Italian classics and excellent fusion pies that will delight everyone who visits.

New Hyde Park, NY

Green Olive Kosher Pizza makes amazing extra-thin crust pizzas as well as a really good whole wheat crust that can be topped with any combination of ingredients that you want. You can get an amazing Mac and Cheese Pizza here as well as traditional slices and New York favorites. There is a full range of Italian-inspired slices on the menu here as well and their Potato the Bomb Pizza is a really great option if you want to enjoy a hearty and totally unique pizza.


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