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Ambler offers a unique pizza culture. The area is a suburb of Philadelphia, giving you easy access to the city without all the hustle and bustle. The location is also full of unique restaurants, cafes, and parks. No matter what type of pizza you want to find in the town, there are plenty of options.

Since the area is so close to Philadelphia, it’s no wonder that the city’s love for a classic tomato pie spread to the suburbs! If you are craving an authentic tomato pie, Slice has everything for you here.

Overall, Ambler is a wonderful area to live in. If you happen to be in the suburb, we recommend that you try out some of their local pizzerias. The place has a wide variety of options available to you and they make for a wonderful lunch out.

Top Pizza Restaurants in Ambler Near You

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Ambler is Known For Tomato Pie Type Pizza

The tomato pie is one of Philly’s most popular regional dishes. The pizza is a special take on a Sicilian pie, made into a square shape. The pie is topped with rich tomato sauce and a very light dusting of powdered cheese. Most of the dishes’ focus is on the sauce and the flavorful crust.

Many people love the crust of the tomato pie. It comes with a chewy, thick texture that locals love. Additionally, the pie is usually served cold or at room temperature. All of these features create a unique experience for every pizza lover out there.

At the end of the day, you will want to try a tomato pie if you happen to be in Ambler. If you’re just passing through the area, you don’t want to miss your chance to try this regional pizza variant.

Best Delivery Pizza in Ambler

Anyone who needs a fast delivery service should be sure to check out Frank’s Pizza Kitchen. The restaurant is open late at night and has a very low delivery cost. Plus, they have a very high ranking online and the locals in Ambler love it.

Customers also greatly enjoy all of the sides that Frank’s has to offer. For example, you can get a side salad, onion rings, and parm bites. They also offer a variety of sandwiches and subs. One of their more popular options is the Philly Cheesesteak.

You can easily order their pizza through Slice Life. They are very prompt with preparing your order and are sure to make all of your food to perfection. Many locals choose them to provide delivery for an at-home pizza night.

You will want to try their pizza when you next have a chance. The location makes a wonderful, thick dough which locals love.

Best Takeout Pizza in Ambler

When it comes to pizza takeout in Ambler, you will want to try out The Pizza Box. The restaurant is easily suited for take out - you walk in and can see all of their fresh pizzas sitting behind a glass display. The pizzeria also prepares a wide variety of delicious pies.

When you order ahead with Slice, you can feel confident that your order is going to be ready on time. The pizzeria always makes their pies fresh and you can be eating your slice in no time! The restaurant has plenty of options when it comes to toppings and sauces.

Many locals choose this place for their go-to takeout. It’s conveniently located right on Butler Avenue and offers quick service. If you are looking for a quick bite to eat during the day, then make sure you order from The Pizza Box!

Best Pizza Near Ambler


If you want a delicious wood fired pizza experience, make sure that you visit Pizzata Pizzeria in Filter Square. The location is headed by experienced chefs who provide delicious meals. All of their pizzas include a ton of toppings, so customers always leave satisfied. Additionally, the staff there are kind and attentive to your needs, so you can be sure they take care of preparing your pie perfectly.


If you happen to be near Horsham, you should visit Tonelli's Pizza Pub. They have an amazing pie- many customers love both their red and white sauce options. The store has a large menu, with options for everyone to enjoy.

Willow Grove

MOD Pizza in Willow Grove has plenty of options. The staff takes care to prepare all of your orders carefully and timely. This allows you to quickly enjoy your favorite meals! Overall, the store has plenty of options for different dietary requirements.


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