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Pizza is very popular in Chester PA, making it a wonderful part of their history. The recipe originally spread down from New York, where many families and pizzerias were experimenting with different pizza styles.

When it comes to Chester, you will mostly find Sicilian and Greek-style pizzas. These dishes are the most popular. Plus, you will find some Chicago deep dishes here too. Chester is really close to Philadelphia, so you will find many of the same dishes there too. There are plenty of options for food in the city, so you can experience something different each day.

Overall, there is a lot to love about pizza in Chester! We recommend that you order through Slice when you have pizza night next. We know all of the best local places, which you will find in this guide. Make sure that you stick around if you want to try something new and delicious for dinner tonight!

Top Pizza Restaurants in Chester Near You

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Krispy Krunchy Fried Chicken, Pizza, Grill logo
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Chester is Known For Greek Style Pizza

The Greek-style pizza is prepared in a metal pan, instead of being handtossed. The crust usually contains more oil, since a layer of it is applied to prevent the dough from sticking to the pan.

Greek pizzas are a bit different than Italian pies. Italian pizzas are usually thin and crunchy, while the Greek ones are thick and greasy. However, the toppings and sauces are usually where they differ the most.

A Greek pie uses a thin layer of sauce, after it is caramelized on the stove. Plus, feta cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and olives are also piled on top. If you love these types of toppings, you will be sure to love everything that Greek pizzas have to offer.

The locals in Chester love this pizza style- so you can find it at many different locations. Overall, we are sure that you will love the restaurants that the area has to offer.

Best Delivery Pizza in Chester

Krispy Krunchy Fried Chicken Pizza Grill has the fastest delivery in town. The staff are friendly and very prompt with their service, allowing you to receive your meal quickly. When you order through us, we make sure that your order arrives right away.

The restaurant is well known in the area for having plenty of wonderful sides. Their chicken options taste great, with many customers saying they enjoy the different flavors. Plus, there are salads and other pizzeria sides. They have plenty of topping options too, allowing you to build all of your favorite pizza pies.

Many locals love this place and choose it for their family pizza nights. They are pretty cost-efficient, so we are sure you would enjoy them for your next dinner as well. Overall, the customer service is great here and you will find many different items on their menu.

Best Takeout Pizza in Chester

However, if you are looking for a takeout place, we would have to recommend that you take a look at Just Pizza on West 9th Street. They are a locally owned and run store, which provides the community with plenty of tasty meals.

The store is very fast when it comes to making your food. You can be sure that your order is ready on time for when you come to pick it. Often, the food is prepared earlier than the estimated time, allowing you to get your meal even sooner.

Every local has tried out this place, making it a great choice for anyone looking to experience local cuisine. There are so many different menu items, so everyone in your family should be able to find something that they enjoy.

Best Pizza Near Chester


Sciarrino’s Pizza has so many different options when it comes to pizza. They pile their pizzas with toppings- so much so that you can’t even see the crust any more! They only use fresh ingredients too, so you will be sure to get a wonderful flavor from the pie.


Mabel’s Pizza Shop is great for a quick bite to eat. They use a thin, Sicilian crust to make all of their pies. The slices are great and customers love the convenience of their order and takeout windows. If you are driving by, be sure to make a quick stop! They are very fast with their services.


For anyone in Darby, we recommend that you visit Malo’s Pizza & Pasta. They have burgers and sandwiches too, all made with fresh ingredients and toppings. They offer cheesesteaks, which are one of their most popular menu items right now. Overall, they have kind staff who will make sure your order is cooked to perfection!


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