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The best pizza in Jenkintown: a local guide

Jenkintown is one of the oldest cities in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, with lots of national landmarks, antique shops, art museums, historic sites, and plenty of restaurants. Incorporated in 1874, this town is frequently visited by art enthusiasts, people who wish to unwind at a farm, or those who want to have fun at local bars and clubs. Jenkintown also features a large number of spas with fantastic and skilled massage therapists.

For almost 20 years, Jenkintown has been the home of the Jenkintown Festival of the Arts, the most beloved event in the area. Whether you are an artist, someone who is passionate about art, or you simply want to have a fun day in nature, this festival will surely impress you. Here you can find local merchants, painters, instrumental artists, sculptors, and even culinary artists. It is a great opportunity to taste and learn about foods from all over the world, from American fast food and Mexican street food to delicious burgers and even Italian pizza.

Jenkintown is Known for Grandma-style Pizza

If you are in Jenkintown and crave an outstanding thin-crust pizza, then you are in the right place, as the most famous type of pizza in this location is grandma-style pizza. Often compared to Sicilian pizza and with origins on Long Island, New York, grandma pizza features a thin, crispy rectangular crust typically topped with cheese and tasty tomato sauce. What makes this pizza so unique and adored is the fact that it is baked in a sheet pan in a regular home oven, and the cheese is placed before the tomato sauce.

Many restaurants and pizzerias in Jenkintown cook and serve grandma-style pizza, customizing it in a variety of ways to achieve incredible flavors. The reason why this pizza became so popular is that it resembles the simple rustic pizza eaten at home growing up, having a comforting and familiar taste.

Best Delivery Pizza in Jenkintown

Even though it was recently opened in 2020, Newbolds Food & Libations has quickly become one of the best pizzerias in Jenkintown. Their dishes are made using traditional American recipes and the best and freshest ingredients. Their customers swear by Newbolds Food & Libations’ food, saying it is all very delicious and unique, mostly praising their Detroit-style pizza. The restaurant is known to be a gem in Jenkintown, offering fast delivery at any time you decide to order from them.

If you are a red pizza fan, then you should try their Detroit-Style Pizza, made with pepperoni, cheese, and marinara tomato sauce, or the Newbold Original Pizza that features a tangy blend of four kinds of cheese. The Adrienne Pizza with caramelized onions and bacon or the Cacio E Pepe Pizza with crushed black pepper and parmesan sauce is great if you are a white pizza lover.

Best Takeout Pizza in Jenkintown

Upper Crust Pizza & Grill is one of the most popular pizzerias in Jenkintown when it comes to fantastic takeout pizza. The restaurant is family-owned and operated, making food free of artificial ingredients, only using the highest-quality ingredients possible. From pizza, Stromboli, and wraps, to burgers, sandwiches, and desserts, this place has it all, so you should give them a try next time you want quick takeout pizza after a long day.

You can always make your own pizza using your preference of toppings or choose from their gourmet pizzas. The popular White Florentine Pizza uses white sauce, fresh spinach, tomatoes, crispy bacon, mozzarella cheese, and garlic. The Boston Special Pizza is another solid choice made with ground beef, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and anchovies. To satisfy your sweet tooth, opt for a decadent dessert to complete your meal, like the Triple Chocolate Cake or the homemade Baklava.

Best Pizza Near Jenkintown

Willow Grove

Known for the Willow Grove Park, a famous amusement park open between 1896 and 1976, Willow Grove is a city close to Philadelphia, with lots of restaurants, nature parks, coffee places, and small shops.

Randazzo’s Pizzeria is the most popular restaurant that serves pizza in Willow Grove. Their customers always come back for more of their delicious dishes. If you need a recommendation, the Chicago Meat Pizza, Taco Pizza, or Capri Pizza makes a delightful meal.


Horsham is a city in Pennsylvania, known for being home to the Horsham Air Guard Station and considered one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania, with friendly neighbors, quiet streets, and big nature parks.

If you live in Horsham or you happen to be in the area visiting, and you crave a good pizza, then Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza is your go-to. The pizzeria offers a lot of pizza combinations, from Roasted Cauliflower Pizza to Meatball & Ricotta Pizza and White Pizza.


With the largest indoor electric go-kart facility in New Jersey, Cinnaminson is a suburb of Philadelphia where many people come to start families, as it is an overall safe place to live.

Nick’s Pizza & Pasta is a local favorite in Cinnaminson, thanks to their mouth-watering Pepperoni Pizza, Brooklyn Pie, and Veggie Delight Pizza. You’ll need to give them a try to see for yourself what the fuss is all about.

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