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Anthonys Iv Pizza & Pasta

44 E Bridge St, Morrisville, PA 19067

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A J Pizza & More

307 W Trenton Ave, Morrisville, PA 19067

The best pizza in Morrisville: a local guide

It was the Dutch Trading Company who first recognised the possibilities of the position Morrisville occupies on the banks of the Delaware River. They built a trading post there on an island in the river in the early 1600s. The same spot was later used to establish a ferry crossing with its base being on part of the land that Morrisville now stands on. With a trading post and ferry crossing operating, it didn't take long before a small settlement had formed which was called Colvin's Ferry, a name it would keep until the beginning of the 19th century. After a bridge was constructed across the Delaware River connecting Colvin's Ferry to Trenton, the hamlet's evolution began in earnest. The hamlet's name was changed to Morrisville and although it didn't attract any industrial innovation, Morrisville did attract some people from Trenton who wanted a quiter, more rural place to live. While Morrisville was still a populated place with less than five thousand inhabitants in the 1950s, that was enough prospective customers to entice several Italian families from New Jersey to cross the river and open the first pizzerias in Morrisville.

Morrisville in Pennsylvania is known for Thin Crust pizza

Morrisville is known for its thin crust pizzas and for two types of thin crust pizzas in particular. The first is the traditional old world Italian thin crust and the second, not surprisingly given its location, Trenton tomato pie. The main difference between regular thin crust and a Trenton-style pizza has nothing to do with the dough base as they're the same in both. What makes a Trenton-style pie different is the way any topping ingredients and cheese will be piled onto the dough then smothered in the tomato sauce before being baked. Whether or not the back to front method of preparing a Trenton pie makes it taste different to a regular pizza is something you'll only find out by trying one.

Best Delivery Pizza in Morrisville, Pennsylvania

When you want to get the best delivery pizza in Morrisville you have to order from a pizzeria whose clients give them a big thumbs up. One Morrisville pizzeria that customers love and rate highly is Dominick's Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant. Dominick's Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant is located in a premises on West Trenton Avenue in a large independent building with upper floor balconies that give it a real Mediterranean look. Inside it's furnished in a more American diner-style than it is trattoria, though the food is proper Italian and that's something you'll notice as soon as you open your pizza delivery box. As well as regular thin crust, this pizzeria bakes three more traditional Italian pizzas and they are thick crust,Sicilian-style and pan-baked.

Best Takeout Pizza in Morrisville, Pennsylvania Everyone gets hungry after a workout or playing golf so if you've just come out of Planet Fitness or off the Bridge Street Golf Course thinking of pizza, don't feel guilty. You should really feel fortunate as you're just a few minutes away from Bambino's Pizza on West Trenton Avenue where you can pick up the best take-out pizza in Morrisville. Bambino's Pizza is housed in a medium sized premises that's decked out inside in smart-looking black and white with a touch or two of red for contrast. If you get bored waiting for your order to cook you can always have an impromptu game of checkers on the tiled floor. You won't be waiting for long though as these guys are really on the ball when it comes to baking pizzas. Their Pizza Terra e Mare pays full testimony to that.

Best Pizza near Morrisville, Pennsylvania


Make the fifteen mile drive from Morrisville to Roebling and you'll be able to combine a lesson in the area's history with some fantastic outdoor time. On the way to Roebling you'll pass the Crystal Lake Park which is a super spot to pull up at for a couple of hours. The park covers almost four hundred acres of forested landscape where you can join a trailhead right from the parking lot. The two-mile long paved section of trail is part of the scenic Bypass Trail. After an hour or two there, move on to Roebling itself for a visit to the Roebling Museum which has indoor and outdoor exhibitions related to the local iron industry. You can get a great pizza from Mario's and Frank's 1 Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant on the US-130 South.


If you're interested in art and like historic buildings, you'll enjoy visiting Doylestown which is just twenty-five miles northwest of Morrisville. In Doylestown you can take a leisurely look around the Michener Art Museum which has extensive collections plus an interesting sculpture garden. The Fonthill Castle, which is more of a mansion than a castle, is a fascinating Gothic-looking building full of incredible ceramics that can take hours to browse properly. You can also visit the Mercer Museum which is dedicated to the life and works of the man who built and lived in Fonthill Castle. To have a leg stretch before going for a pizza at Spuntino's Wood Fired Pizzeria on South Main Street, the Heritage Conservancy nature reserve is perfect.

Bryn Athyn

Bryn Athyn is a small rural community thirty minutes drive west from Morrisville that's a must-visit for any fan or photographer of Gothic architecture. Take a stroll around the Bryn Athyn Historic District - it's a National Historic Landmark - and you'll find several buildings of interest plus the impressive Bryn Athyn Cathedral. The Glencairn Museum is also quite astounding and while it does appear very church-like (it even has stained glass windows), it was the home of a wealthy local family who collected artworks from around the world. Ponder over all you've seen while taking a gentle hike down the Pennypack Trail before heading to Huntingdon Valley for a pizza at Franconi's.

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