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It's always a dream for every person to taste what Pennsylvania offers in terms of food. Phoenixville is not left behind in pizza making, and you should try a piece of the delicious meal while in the northeastern state. Pizza may be prevalent in this state because it neighbours New York and New Jersey, which are doing well in the pizza industry, having discovered their styles of pizza making. Phoenixville is home to two major pizza styles: Old Forge-style and Philly tomato pies. The two styles are the state's heritage food that the residents have enjoyed and shared with visitors since the 1930s when it first came here. Phoenixville lies 28 miles northwest of Philadelphia and is a place where pizza is a major food. Pizzerias here are well equipped and experienced in making some tasty pizza for delivery or takeout. The town has famous food festivals which bring together pizza enthusiasts, such as the Food Truck Festival and PA Food & Drink Festival. The town celebrates National Pizza Day, marked by a festival where pizzerias offer discounts on orders made during the day. The town is growing at a high rate, and many people are relocating to Phoenixville, and the young students and workers are its major pizza consumers.

The best pizza in Phoenixville: a local guide

Phoenixville is a place you can't starve when craving a flavorful pizza. The town has more to offer than people would expect due to its small size. Pizzerias have ensured that pizza is prepared traditionally to preserve the authenticity of the Philly tomato pie, which is common in Phoenixville. The Philly tomato pie came to Pennsylvania in the 1930s when Italian immigrants working in coal mines were served rectangular stuffed pies in a tavern by an old Italian lady. The tomato pie originates from Sicily, where it is a favorite among residents of Palermo. The Philly tomato pie has a thick rectangular crust with chopped tomatoes, onions, anchovies, and oregano toppings, but it doesn't use cheese. It is prepared inside a wood-fired oven using only the best and freshest ingredients.

Best Delivery Pizza in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

A great way to enjoy pizza in comfort is by getting it delivered directly to your door. You avoid the time waiting in line and if done right, your pizza will arrive hot and fresh with minimal effort. Vecchia Pizzeria is a world-class restaurant in Phoenixville that offers tasty pizza; no matter which type you order, they will always deliver something worth your money. The family-owned and operated pizzeria has served Phoenixville residents delicious meals for many years. They offer a wide variety of dishes such as pizza, strombolis, burgers, special dinners, and more. The pizzeria can also deliver customized pizza to their customers. Vecchia Pizzeria offers senior citizens discounts when they order from the establishment on specific days. Enjoy a delectable pizza in Phoenixville by following a few steps on Slice, and your order will arrive promptly and full of flavor.

Best Takeout Pizza in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

In this 21st century, technology has helped ease the way people order takeout food. You can now order a takeout pizza while heading home or visiting some friends by doing a quick order on Slice, and the order will be ready for takeout in no time. The packaging of takeout pizza is similar to that of delivery which ensures the pizza stays warm and fresh. Pat's Pizza & Bistro Phoenixville is the local's finest, having served the town for many years and still growing, attracting more customers. The pizzeria has improved in takeout pizza, and most people prefer it for convenience and food quality. The pizzeria is family-owned and operated by an experienced chef who possesses diverse experience in Italian pizza making. The pizzeria uses fresh ingredients to make their unique dishes which is why people trust the pizza quality. You can also enjoy other dishes on their extended menu. Here you will find a perfect cup of coffee to cheer you up, Italian food, strombolis, desserts, and much more. Enjoy a perfect takeout pizza by making a quick order on Slice from Pat's Pizza & Bistro Phoenixville.

Best Pizza Near Phoenixville


Norristown lies about 11 miles east of Phoenixville, and it will take you a little over 20 minutes to get there and enjoy some local food. Gino's Pizzeria & Restaurant has served Norristown residents with yummy pizzas for over 40 years. The family-owned and run pizzeria follows Italian pizza culture, and they have made a name for offering flavorful Neapolitan pizzas. Gino's Pizzeria also offers other dishes such as pasta, burgers, and seafood. You can check on Slice for the menu and sample the pizza that Norristown has to offer.


The town, located northwest of Phoenixville, is home to award-winning pizzerias offering flavorsome pizzas. Big Daddy's Pizza offers its customers a wide variety of sandwiches and pizzas. This pizzeria uses fresh ingredients and vegetables while preparing their pizzas. They follow Italian pizza traditions by using a wood-fired oven to make tasty pizzas that you can’t resist. Try the white pizza, Sicilian, or classic Philly cheesesteak.


Italian Delight of Lansdale is a family-managed pizzeria that has served Lansdale residents the most enticing Italian food for 30 years. The pizzeria uses unique traditional recipes to prepare pizza and other dishes. The delectable taste of their pizza comes from experienced chefs and traditional pizza-making techniques such as using a wood-fired oven and high-quality ingredients. The pizzeria offers subs, wraps, and sandwiches at reasonable rates and can deliver right to your door when you order on Slice.

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