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The best pizza in Abilene: a local guide

Abilene was established in 1881 by cattlemen who did business along the Texas and Pacific Railway, and before long the town became the county seat of Taylor County. The town’s name was chosen by one of the landowners at the time – Clabe Merchant – after the city of Abilene in Kansas. Nicknamed The Key City and The Friendly Frontier, this city has a long and rich history which makes it a popular attraction for history buffs within and outside the region. One of the things that Abilene is well known for is the presence of several notable buildings such as Marshal Tom Hill House, The Dodd-Harkrider House, Hotel Wooten, The Moreland-Shaheen House, and The Taylor County Courthouse, among others. Furthermore, the city has an extensive park system that guarantees residents and visitors plenty of recreational opportunities. If you love wildlife, you’ll certainly cherish every moment you spend at the Abilene Zoo too.

Abilene is known for New York-style pizza

Here in Abilene, it’s New York-style pies that reign supreme, despite the fact that you’ll find other ones like stuffed pizza, Sicilian pizza, and white pizza in the city’s restaurants. The pizza chefs endeavor to serve the residents pies as authentic as what’s served on the streets of New York by making use of fresh dough, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and a host of other toppings, all the while keeping to the traditional methods of preparing NY pies. In doing so, you can expect to enjoy a slice of the pie on the move if you decide to fold it. As is the case with NY pies, it tastes great with as few toppings as possible, but still has plenty of room for as many toppings as you’d like because the pie can certainly take it. Basically, the ball is in your court and you get to choose just how loaded your pie should be here.

Best Delivery Pizza in Abilene

Little Italy Pizza & Pasta is a small restaurant on Ambler Avenue in Abilene that keeps distinguishing itself as the place to go for delicious and authentic pies in the city. Ever since the pizzeria started operations in Abilene in 2010, they’ve consistently served fresh and tasty pies, winning the hearts of the residents through their excellent delivery service in particular. Everyone within an eleven-mile radius of the restaurant can certainly attest to the fact that pies never arrive late from here. Never! As a family-owned and operated pizzeria, you can be sure that the folks at the restaurant are committed to keeping everyone that eats their pie satisfied and wanting more. The NY-style pies and Sicilian pies here are a work of art that you must have a taste of if you’ve not had the pleasure. Simply place an order for one on Slice and the beautiful experience begins.

Best Takeout Pizza in Abilene

Potter’s Pizza is the perfect antidote to every growling stomach in Abilene, especially when you know you can simply drop by at the restaurant on Buffalo Gap Road, pick up any pie of your choosing, and make your way through every slice in the box as you continue your journey. The pizzeria is known as the best takeout pizza place in the city anyway, so the experience from start to finish here is always top-class. It's very refreshing to know that every bit of your carryout order will be adhered to seeing as the guys here pay attention to every customer’s order and keep their ultimate satisfaction at the forefront of every service. The buffet available here is something you should definitely try, while you could also go for other pies like Texan pizza, Alfredo pizza, and BBQ Chicken pizza. Start your own order now on Slice.

Best Pizza Near Abilene


Settled in the 1870s, the city of Clyde grew as a railroad community, where operations started out with a boxcar before a station was added. With the growth of the railroad came more settlers and people in search of job opportunities. There’s still evidence of this in the city if history excites you. Anyone that loves pizza in the city of Clyde definitely knows the family-owned and operated pizzeria on 1st Street – Pizza Haus – where great pizza is always available.


The city of Hawley is a good place to visit with family for a relaxing time away from home and the stress of the everyday hustle and bustle. Located northwest of Abilene, this city came to life when the Wichita Valley Railroad connected with the Santa Fe Railroad in 1906. A nice place to relax is the Clear Fork of the Brazos River which flows through the city. If you’re up for delicious pies and wonderful specials, then head over to Jiffy Lunch & Pizza on 3rd Street.

Buffalo Gap

Anyone that’s in Buffalo Gap certainly has an intention to visit the Buffalo Gap Historic Village, a popular place in the town that’s open to visitors year-round. The town was a point along a popular trail used by bison herd travelers until it was settled and established in 1857, thereafter remaining a cultural and commercial center. Places to visit here include the Emie Wilson Museum of the Old West, and the Deutschlander Freshwater Catfish Company where delish pizza is available.

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