Top Pizza Restaurants in Pflugerville, TX Near You

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Papa Murphy's Take-N-Bake Pizza

16123 Dessau Rd, Pflugerville, TX 78660

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Mod Super Fast Pizza

18817 Limestone Commercial Dr, Pflugerville, TX 78660

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Austins Pizza Pflugerville

2324 Fm 685 Ste 500, Pflugerville, TX 78660

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Marco's Pizza

14815 Dessau Rd #400, Pflugerville, TX 78660

The best pizza in Pflugerville: a local guide

Pflugerville is a family-friendly town located 18 miles northeast of Austin in Texas. The city got its name from early German settlers who used to farm in the area. The name Pfluger means ‘Plowman’. Pflugerville is among the top tourist destinations in Texas, and you will have a chance to explore different cultures from the diverse community living here. Pflugerville has several world-class class restaurants serving mouth-watering barbecue and pizzas. German and Czech immigrants brought the barbecue dishes to Pflugerville, while the Italians came with pizzas in the mid 20th century. You can sample the dishes by ordering on Slice or during the Deutschen Pfest that attracts many people in Pflugerville and neighboring towns. On a sunny day, you can visit Typhoon Texas Waterpark Austin and have fun swimming or participating in other water activities to cool your body. Many young professionals and families have settled in the town in the last few decades.

Pflugerville is Known for New York-style Pizza

When visiting Pflugerville, make sure you try a tasty New York-style pizza from a restaurant nearby. Pizzerias in Pflugerville have polished their pizza-making techniques over the years, and you are guaranteed mouth-watering New York-style pizzas anytime you order. New York-style pizza is an offspring of Neapolitan pizza from Naples, Italy, and it became famous in Pflugerville in the mid 20th century when Italians migrated to the town. Lombardi’s Pizza created the first New York-style pizza in 1905 in New York City. New York-style pizza has a thin and crispy crust traditionally topped with tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella, and most restaurants will allow you to customize it further. You will need grated parmesan cheese, dried red chili pepper flakes, basil, and dried oregano when seasoning the tomato sauce. The pizza has a fluffy crust around the edges, and most people prefer folding the large slices into two when munching on the pizza. Some restaurants go an extra mile in getting water from New York City since they believe it contains certain minerals that enhance the pizza’s flavor.

Best Delivery Pizza in Pflugerville, Texas

Russo’s New York Pizzeria offers mouth-watering New York-style, gluten-free, and Sicilian pizzas in Pflugerville. The restaurant prepares the dishes to order, and the chefs use traditional family recipes. Indulge in a delicious Italian Works Pizza piled with roasted peppers, Wisconsin mozzarella, sliced Italian sausage, and Russo’s pizza sauce. You can surprise your friends with a delivery order of a Hawaiian Pizza, and they will be thankful. It contains tasty toppings, including Canadian bacon, Russo’s pizza sauce, and pineapple. If you don’t require a whole pizza, you can request slices of Giant Cheese Pizza, and your taste buds will be pleased. The restaurant also offers tasty soups, and you can try the Tortellini Brodo Soup prepared with grilled chicken, cheese tortellini, and Roma tomatoes. Remember to include a Greek salad tossed with Russo’s balsamic vinaigrette, fresh romaine lettuce, kalamata olives, and feta cheese.

Best Takeout Pizza in Pflugerville, Texas

Pita Shack is a megastar restaurant in Pflugerville serving delectable veggie and thin-crust pizzas. The restaurant’s staff are friendly and will make you feel comfortable as you wait for your takeout order. Start off the order on the right foot by requesting a delicious appetizer such as Tabbouleh App served with lemon juice, finely cracked wheat, Italian parsley, and tomato. Top up the order with a thin crust Beef Shawarma Pizza loaded with mozzarella cheese, red sauce, and fresh halal beef shawarma slices. When ordering for a bigger group, consider adding a thin crust Beef & Chicken Shawarma Pizza 7 Toppings. It’s a delicious dish piled with mozzarella cheese, halal beef shawarma slices, red sauce, and mushrooms. Don’t forget to order a Gyro Greek Salad tossed with cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, apple cider vinegar, and kalamata olives. It’s fast and efficient to place your takeout order on Slice, and this place will turn you into a loyal customer in no time.

Best Pizza Near Pflugerville

Round Rock

Warpath Pints & Pizza is an iconic restaurant that serves tasty Italian food in Round Rock, located six miles northwest of Pflugerville. When visiting the town, make an effort to sample the gluten-free, keto, and cauliflower pizzas served at the restaurant. You can surprise your family with a delectable Neptune Pizza topped with fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, pesto sauce, and sun-dried tomatoes. Beef up your order with a Spartan Pizza and experience the savory taste of kalamata olives, sautéed spinach, classic red sauce, and Roma tomatoes.


Less than 20 miles southwest of Pflugerville is the town of Austin. When you get hungry, your first stop should be at DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks. The restaurant has served heavenly deep-dish, dessert, and thin-crust pizzas for over 30 years. Treat your family to a Dave’s Fave Veggie Pizza with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, garlic spinach, and Dave’s fave sauce. For something different, opt for the Works Caulipower Crust Pizza loaded with smoked provolone cheese, mushrooms, green peppers, and Italian sausage.

Cedar Park

Villa Italian Kitchen Cedar Park is a leading pizzeria that has served tasty Italian and American food in Cedar Park for over 30 years. The restaurant incorporates premium ingredients when preparing its homemade pizza dough. Request a customizable Chicken Parm Neo Pizza and choose your favorite toppings on the menu, and the chefs will serve you a delightful pizza. You can also review their combo meals, and you might find an option that suits your cravings. Treat your loved ones to a Macaroni & Cheese Family Meal dinner served with five homemade garlic knots, a Caesar Salad, and homemade sauce.

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