Top Pizza Restaurants in Richmond, TX in 2024 Near You

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Texas is a place where live music and country music lovers will love to visit and stay for a while to enjoy the culture. The state is known for its prowess in live music and BBQ. You can never starve while in Richmond, and some people may think that pizza is not typical here. But Texas has its own pizza style, which incorporates the local BBQ dish. Texas-style BBQ chicken pizza is now one of the most consumed types of pizzas in Richmond. Richmond has established itself well in the pizza market, and you will see several pizzerias throughout the streets while in town. Pizza came to Texas and its environment in 1946 after the opening of the Egyptian Restaurant. Since then, new pizzerias have been opened in Richmond to meet the town’s pizza demands. The Italian immigrants who came to Texas because of farming shared their pizza cultures which the locals quickly adopted, and it ensured the success of pizza in Richmond. The locals have been celebrating National Pizza Month, allowing pizza enthusiasts to link up for a shared pizza experience. Learning institutions and businesses have attracted young people to Richmond, which has helped grow the pizza industry. Young people are known to love fast food, which has led to an increase in pizza orders in Richmond.

The best pizza in Richmond: a local guide

When in Texas, it’s always a privilege to taste different BBQ meals offered in various restaurants. You should also try ordering Texas-style BBQ Pizza and get to know why the locals love it. The style incorporates different styles of pizza and the use of barbecue. The style became popular in the early 21st century, and now most pizzerias in Richmond are offering the dish as a specialty. The Texas-style BBQ Pizza has its crust stuffed with sauce, and garlic butter is placed on top. The pizza uses bacon, cheddar, BBQ sauce and bell pepper during preparation. Conner Gildenblatt Sr created the Texas-style BBQ Pizza, and his son helped make it a local’s favourite. Many pizzerias in Richmond still use wood-fired ovens, while others have shifted to gas ovens when making the pizza. The authentic pizza taste comes out well when the pizza is prepared using fresh ingredients. The town makes delectable Texas-style BBQ Pizza, and you can enjoy a piece of the tasty dish by ordering on Slice.

Best Delivery Pizza in Richmond, Texas

Nowadays, people believe that delivery pizza tends to taste better than dining. It could be because you enjoy a delivery pizza at the comfort of your home, and you can run other errands as you enjoy every piece of your Texas-style BBQ Pizza. Pizzerias in Richmond have adopted the new trend of offering their pizzas for delivery where you can order on Slice. Pepperoni’s is a world-class pizzeria in Richmond that offers delicious pizzas, and the locals prefer ordering from them. The pizzeria has been serving Richmond residents since 1990, and it has ensured every customer returns for the next order by preparing the best Italian and American pizzas. The family-owned and managed pizzeria uses fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers. The pizza is baked using a wood-fired oven which helps bring out the authenticity of the pizza. Pepperoni’s offers a wide variety of pizzas and meals such as breaded mozzarella sticks, gluten-free pizza, cauliflower pizzas and more. You can get any pizza at an affordable price. With just a few clicks on your smartphone or web, you can order your dream pizza on Slice, and it will be delivered within a few minutes.

Best Takeout Pizza in Richmond, Texas

People have different preferences, leading to different choices when choosing the way to order food online. Some people prefer delivery pizza while others prefer takeout pizza. Either way, Richmond has got you covered since most pizzerias also offer takeout pizza, and you can order on Slice to experience. Center Court Pizza & Brew has served Richmond residents for over 15 years, and they make some of the best Texas-style BBQ pizzas. Residents and tourists can order their food on Slice, and it will be delivered fast. The family-owned and managed pizzeria uses original traditional pizza recipes in making their pizzas, leading to the authenticity of its pizzas. Center Court Pizza & Brew uses fresh ingredients bought from the town market to extend the pizza shelf life. You can also order world-famous pizza rolls, loaders, starters, hand-tossed pizzas, salads and more. The pizzeria has affordable prices, and you can choose the toppings to be used on your choice of pizza. Enjoy a delectable Texas-style BBQ Pizza in Richmond by ordering on Slice for quick takeout.

Best Pizza Near Richmond


The town is located about four miles southwest of Richmond and is home to several pizzerias offering enticing pizzas for the locals. Pepperoni’s has served Rosenberg residents with delicious pizzas and other dishes since the 1990s. The pizzeria stands out by using a wood-fired oven, while many other pizzerias use gas ovens. The pizzeria sources its fresh ingredients to ensure the pizza quality is good and doesn’t spoil quickly. Pepperoni’s offers gluten-free pizza, salads, lunch specials, subs, pasta, beverages and more. You can enjoy your pizza from Rosenberg by ordering on Slice.


It will take you approximately 14 minutes to travel to Sugarland from Richmond. The town is known to offer amazing Italian dishes. Russo’s New York Pizzeria offers authentic Italian food, and you can enjoy any pizza. The restaurant uses a wood-fired oven to bake their pizzas, and you can order on Slice for quick delivery or takeout pizza. The pizzeria uses fresh and quality ingredients to make their pizzas which helps achieve a flavoursome pizza taste. Russo’s offers the best New York-style pizzas, sides, antipasti, zuppe, insalata and more.


Stafford lies thirteen miles northeast of Richmond and has good pizzerias meeting the town’s pizza demands. Sicily Pizza & Pasta is a family-owned and managed pizzeria that has served Stafford residents for over 25 years. The pizzeria has established itself as one of the best places to order any style of pizza in town, and they never disappoint in terms of quality and price. You can order on Slice for takeout or delivery, and it will be delivered to your door when hot and fresh. The pizzeria offers appetizers, desserts, salads, hoagies and more at a pocket-friendly price.

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