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The best pizza in Ashburn: a local guide

While Ashburn in Virginia is known for thin crust pizza there is some variation in the types of thin crust they bake in the Ashburn pizzerias. The type of thin crust pizza that features heavily on the menus of Ashburn pizzerias is New York-style. That's a thin crust that made its first appearance on the US food scene in the 1930s and hasn't left since. New York-style pizza is a pie that was adapted from an original Italian thin crust recipe for Neapolitan pizzas. A New York-style pizza's main attribute is its enormous size, but its soft dough isn't for everyone. Get a real Italian thin crust and it'll have a crispier, crunchier base and a bubbled-up edge which is very pleasant to eat and not stodgy at all which a New York-style can be sometimes. When it comes to pizzas, the originals are nearly always the best.

Best delivery pizza in Ashburn, Virginia

To get the best delivery pizza in Ashburn you need to order from a pizzeria that sets their standards high when baking pies. The Ashburn pizzeria that does that is Vocelli Pizza who have strict rules about how they make their pizzas and about what goes on them. Vocelli Pizza believes in using high-quality ingredients, consistency in presentation and most importantly when you're getting a delivery pizza, swift dispatch of the pie once it's cooked.

Vocelli Pizza has a premises in the Ashburn Village Center which is on Ashburn Road. It's a modern pizza joint with a contemporary design that includes bare brick and dark wood furnishings. They have a modern ordering system in place too so as soon as you end the call to order a pizza, the order is in the kitchen. Vocelli have a great range of artisan pizzas that you'll find it difficult to choose between. If you're stuck for ideas, the Sorreno Chilli and Ranch pizza is worth a try.

Best takeout pizza in Ashburn, Virginia

If you've been over at Pavillion Lake making the most of the sports facilities there, it's understandable if you've ended up feeling ravenously hungry. You're in luck as you're right close by where you can pick up the best take-out pizza in Ashburn and that will get rid of your hunger pangs straight away. You can get the best take-out pizza in Ashburn from Carnegie NY Style Pizza Rolls & Bowls in the Ashburn Shopping Plaza. While Carnegie NY's premises are ultra-modern, the red and white check tablecloths add a touch of a traditional Italian trattoria. Their pizzas do the same too as you can get both New York-style and old-world thick or thin-crust pies at Carnegie NY. The hardest decision to make in this Ashburn pizzeria is just what type of pie base you want.

Best pizza near Ashburn, Virginia


If you're looking for something different to do with the kids that's not too far from Ashburn make a trip to Vienna. It's only a twenty-minute drive so not far enough for the kids to get bored and start being troublesome. They definitely won't be bored if you drive them into the Roer Zoofari park and that's a fact. At the safari park, you self-drive through the enclosures where there are all sorts of large animals like giraffes, zebras, and bison wandering free. There's also a wide variety of birds such as emu and hornbills plus a reptile house with all sorts of creepy creatures and a petting zoo. When it's time to feed your little animals take them to Ledo Pizza on Park Street for a huge tray-baked pizza.

Great Falls

Great Falls is less than a fifteen-mile drive from Ashburn and if you haven't been there already, it's a place that should be at the top of your list of must-visit places. Head straight for the Great Falls Park to see the amazing waterfall then get your hiking boots on and step out on either of the trails you can join from there. Head out on the Difficult Runstream Valley Trail and it'll lead you to the Scott's Run Nature Preserve. Go in the opposite direction on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Trail and you'll have a super scenic walk by this historic waterway. A nice thing to do before you go for a pizza at the Dante Ristorante on Walker Road is to take a canal boat ride which you can board at the Great Falls Tavern Visitor Center.


If you're looking for somewhere to go where you can enjoy some quality outdoor time, look no further than Leesburg. Leesburg, which is around ten miles northeast of Ashburn, is bordered by the Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Regional Park which is seventy acres of scenic countryside along the Potomac River. There are several trails running through the park but the best one is the one that leads up to the overlook from where there are incredible panoramic views. On some of the other trails you'll come across historic buildings, some intact and some in ruins, that are left over from the pioneering days. There's plenty of bird and animal life in the park too so it's pretty much a nature lover's dream spot. When you've had enough peace and tranquility drop by Fireworks Pizza on Harrison Street South East for a pizza.

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