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Pizza made its way to New York back in the early 1900s. It became a popular street food and was adapted from traditional Italian meals. As different people started enjoying pizza, it started to develop into different styles.

The New York slice is thin and large- it was designed to be folded in half and eaten on the go. Eventually, these dishes made its way to Richmond, Virginia, as people started to spread out over time. The love for pizza was growing everyday.

Today, the most popular type of pizza in Richmond is the New York slice. However, many locals enjoy several different styles of pie daily. There are many different toppings that you can put on these pizzas- everyone has their own favorites!

With so many different options for pizza, you might not be sure what to try next. Be sure to look over the rest of the page if you want ideas for your next pizza night.

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Richmond is Known for New York Pizza

The New York slice is one of the most popular styles of pizza out there. You can have a variety of options to adjust your slice to your personal taste, but a New York style pizza is always going to be thin and large.

This trend started back in the 1900s, when people could not afford to buy an entire pie. Today, many pizzerias will still sell by the slice. Often, New York pizza slices are as big as your plate, so one is enough to be filling.

Those in Richmond have their own favorite shops when it comes to pizza. People living in this area tend to be younger, about 33 years old on average. That means that pizza shops that provide quick service that is family friendly tend to do the best.

Richmond locals enjoy having something delicious and ready to eat. If you live in the area or are visiting, there are many places that you should try out.

Best Delivery Pizza in Richmond

If you need a prompt delivery for dinner time, then Valentino’s Italian Pizzeria would be the best option for you. Their service is quick and you can expect to receive your order not too long after you place it.

Customers always appreciate the professional service. All of their pies are completely customizable too, so you can certainly find something you will love. Many regulars have their own favorites, which they make sure to order as often as possible.

The kitchen also makes large philly cheesesteaks, which are even longer than the standard 12 inches! Plus, you can add all of the toppings you want. They have fries and several other side dishes you can enjoy too.

The store takes care of their orders, allowing you to feel confident that your meal arrives in perfect condition - delicious and ready for you to eat! Overall, they have the best delivery.

Best Takeout Pizza in Richmond

Having something delicious and fun, like a takeout slice of pizza, to look forward to can help you make it through a stressful day. There are many, many takeout options in Richmond. However, if you want the best pizza, you will need to order from Apollo’s Pizza.

They have strombolis and thin slices, which are perfect for eating on the go. Their combo slices are also another popular menu item. Plus, they have a great Greek salad and a stuffed veggie pizza. The portion sizes are very large, but you can always keep the leftovers for another time.

The staff are always very kind to the customers. They are polite, prompt with their service, and can get you your food quickly. These are all benefits to a great takeout place- especially if you need to eat in a hurry.

Best Pizza Near Richmond, VA

East Highland Park

This area is less than five miles away from Richmond- you could easily stop by for a slice of pizza. If you are interested, we would have to say that The Giambancos Italian Grill is going to be the best. Their take is well-loved by many and they have plenty of delicious Italian meals waiting for you.


This place is also very close to Richmond. You will only spend about 17 minutes on the road. Picciotti’s Pizza is a wonderful Italian pizzeria that has a full Italian menu. You can order ravioli and their pizzas are huge. Plus, they have wonderful service and offer free delivery.

Highland Springs

Highland Springs is a short drive if you take the I-64 W. The restaurant is a bit small, so you might not notice it right away. However, they have an amazing assortment of Italian food that you are sure to enjoy. Many locals love their pasta and rolls - another favorite is their chicken philly. But, if you want pizza, they have the best in town.


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