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Ashland is a town founded in 1858 in Hanover County, Virginia. It has a population of fewer than 10,000 people and covers an area of about seven square miles. It was first developed as a mineral springs resort by the railroad. Ashland is known as the “Center of the Universe” because you’ll find it in the heart of the state of Virginia. The residents of Ashland enjoy a strong economy, a growing private sector, beautiful scenery, and Randolph-Macon College. In the early 1900s, many Italians made their way to the United States and settled in Virginia. The immigrants all came from different parts of Italy, but most came from southern regions of Sicily, Calabria, and Campania. Many of the immigrants soon joined the workforce as miners. Determination and hard work made many of them establish themselves, gain economic acceptance, and create new business ventures for themselves and their families.

The best pizza in Ashland: a local guide

We can thank the Italians for the emergence of pizza in Ashland. Their determination and hard work contributed massively to the pizza culture of the town. Over the last years, Neapolitan Pizza has gained popularity and spread to more parts of the country. This pizza style is arguably the most popular style of pizza in Ashland and Virginia as a whole. Neapolitan-style pizza has even inspired tourist trips to Ashland. The crust is very thin in this pizza style – even thinner than the New York-style Pizza crust. The focus is on a chewy yet crispy crust that is charred that highlights quality ingredients. The dough ferments for hours or days to give the crusts airy pockets that add a fantastic crunch to the final product. This mouth-watering pizza style and others await you in some of the best pizza restaurants in Ashland.

Best Delivery Pizza in Ashland

Santiago Pizza and Grill is a local family-friendly restaurant that provides delicious food made with fresh ingredients, all at a reasonable price. They take pride in delivering memorable dining experiences and outstanding service to guests. Santiago’s menu features a variety of scratch-made dishes and tempting specials. They provide pizza in five different sizes, from personal to party size, measuring a whopping 28 inches. Choose one of the crowd-pleasing options from their pizza menu like the Santiago Special Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, and Veggie Pizza. There are also pizza specials like the Pizza & Wing Special and the Party Pizza Special. Santiago Pizza and Grill also venture away from pizza and features soups, salads, calzones, and stromboli. They offer not just delivery but curbside pickup, dine-in, and takeout service options.

Best Takeout Pizza in Ashland

Mario’s Italian Restaurant is your neighborhood Italian restaurant that will provide you with quality and value for your money. It’s an award-winning restaurant that offers fresh pizza, pasta, and other classic Italian dishes to locals and visitors in Ashland daily. Their menu features linguine, spaghetti, penne, Fettuccini, and tremendous pizza selections. They specialize in New York-style pizzas and unique combos like Mario’s Combo Pizza, Greek Pizza, Broccoli Pizza, and California Pizza. With a perfect combo of homemade ingredients and excellent recipes, Mario’s Italian Restaurant brings the authentic old Italy taste to you. The New York-style pizzas are hand-tossed and baked in brick ovens. Apart from takeout, they also offer delivery and dine-in service options. Mario’s Italian Restaurant brings an amazing family-friendly atmosphere to make your dining experience memorable.

Best Pizza Near Ashland


Richmond, about ten miles from Ashland, is the capital of Virginia and is one of the oldest major cities in the United States. It is known for its well-preserved history memorialized with museums. Richmond is the fourth most populated city in Virginia and is home to some of the best pizzerias like DaVinci Pizza. DaVinci’s menu contains various pizza types like veggie and Greek pizza, salads, and the best dipping sauces.

Highland Springs

Highland Springs is a city of about 15,000 people located in Henrico County and has some of the best pizzerias in the area. They have dine-in, takeout, and delivery options. Anna's Pizza offers pizza as well as pasta combos with sausage. Locals enjoy the calzone and meatballs here, too.


Are you looking for the perfect destination to get pasta, pizza, and other classic Italian dishes in Goochland? You can find these and more on Rocco’s Pizza's fully stacked menu. To accommodate their customers, Rocco’s offers vegan, veggie, and gluten-free pizza options. Visit them on Sandy Hook Road for their welcoming and casual location.

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