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The best pizza in Centreville: a local guide

The town of Centreville, Fairfax County lies in an area that used to be known as Newgate as far back as the 1760s. Initially established as Centerville in 1792, the town’s name was changed to Centreville shortly after and it remained a small town until the 1900s when the area started to attract tourists and vacationers. Italian immigrants made their way to the region in the early 1900s and Fairfax County received a fair share of these migrants which contributed to the growth of Italian cuisines in the area. Today, the town is one of the top destinations in Fairfax County for sightseeing, history tours, and outdoor recreation, especially for families. Featuring numerous kid-friendly activities, Centreville welcomes young and old to pursue their interests with various attractions such as the Bull Run Regional Park, Manassas National Battlefield Park, Blackburns Ford, Bowlero Centreville, and Bull Run Stables.

Centreville is known for New York pizza

Centreville is home to delicious and authentic New York-style pies, which is why the town is known for this particular style of pie, despite the fact that you’ll find others like Neapolitan pizza and Sicilian pizza in some of its restaurants. As is common on classic New York pies, the pies you’ll find here in Centreville feature hand-tossed dough, mozzarella cheese, and light tomato sauce. However, the pizzaiolos prepare a range of specials that follow similar methods of preparing authentic New York pizza, but make use of different ingredients, some of them locally sourced, just to create diverse options for the residents. Depending on how the townies choose to have their pie, there could be many or only a few toppings on the meal. Regardless, the pies maintain that reputation of being enjoyed on the go.

Best Delivery Pizza in Centreville

If you’re one of those folks in Centreville that only enjoy pizza within your comfort zone, you’ll by now already know that there’s no better place to get pizza delivered to you than Brick’s Pizza on Centreville Crest Lane. Having set itself apart as the best pizza delivery joint in the town by winning the hearts of the locals through consistently excellent service, there’s little wonder as to why the residents don’t place orders for delivery from any other place. Why would you worry about lunch or dinner when you know that all you need to do is reach out to the team at Brick’s, lock in your preferences, and voila, your pie will arrive hot, fresh, and tasty in time? Even better if you order via Slice. The fact that every meal is a unique experience is yet another reason why the restaurant’s got everyone’s repeat business here. Get your Brick's Supreme Pizza or Virginian Pizza now on Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Centreville

You just know that there are times when you’ll be unable or unwilling to cook after a long day at work and would need to grab dinner as you head home. For the folks in Centreville, this is never a cause for worry because Bella Pizza has just what anyone may need or crave as far as pizza is concerned. That’s exactly why it’s never stressful to stop by at the pizzeria, even when it’s not along your route, because you know you’re getting way more than you could even bargain for in that box. From the warm ambiance in the restaurant that welcomes you, to the aroma that fills your senses, and the pleasant team in the pizzeria, everything is just perfect for your short visit for pickup. Besides, the ingredients used for the pie from the dough to the toppings are always fresh, and that’s something you’ll know from the first bite, so why bother about dinner? Simply place an order ahead of your arrival on Slice.

Best Pizza Near Centreville


Chantilly is one of those places close to Centreville that pie aficionados who love White Pizza visit regularly. Interestingly, that’s just one of the pies that the village is known for, considering how well the restaurants here, like Pizza Boli’s on Daly Drive, cook cheese pizza. Fun awaits lovers of history, arts, and culture in this village that took its name from an 18th century plantation. Some of the top attractions here include the Sully Historic Site and the John Hutchison Farm.


What better place to have a taste of the acclaimed New York pizza that the city of Fairfax? This town’s best place to get that is New York Pizza Factory on Lee Highway. Having transitioned from thin-crust pies to New York-style pizza, this city has now become a place to visit if you wish to take your taste buds to the streets of New York City. Other interesting things to do here include shopping, taking tours of the historic sites and places, and relaxing with the family at any of the city’s parks. You’re definitely going to have a great time here.


At Clifton, there’s more than one way to stay active, so whether you’re here to explore its local shops, hike along the scenic trails, experience the top-class wineries, or enjoy great meals in the beautiful restaurants, you’ll have a swell time. Lovers of pizza, in particular, are welcome to grab a bite of tasty New York pies at Little Villagio on Main Street to have the ultimate pizza experience in the town. For hikers, the Bull-Run Occoquan Trail awaits!

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