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The best pizza in Vienna: a local guide

It’s large in size. It’s thin crust. And it’s perhaps one of the best styles of pizza in existence. Although Vienna (and the DC metro area) are about 200 miles away from New York City, the NY-style pizza is quite popular.

If you are a sucker for large slices and fresh gooey goodness, you’ll hit the motherlode here in Vienna. There are a few places that serve New York Style pizza and the slices are huge. In fact, they may be so huge, you’ll need to fold it in half just to eat it.

The pizza will be served in a flat pan. That’s because the crust itself will be thin and the pizza itself will be flatter compared to their deep dish or pan pizza counterparts. You don’t have to go all the way to New York to enjoy a unique pizza quite like theirs.

Best Delivery Pizza in Vienna

A pizza delivery can be fast, easy, and friendly. That’s why delivery is usually the best option whenever you need it. Who offers this in Vienna? Church Street Pizzeria is the place that gets the nod for best delivery pizza in town. Customers reported the delivery service being professional and fast, and their pizzas have always been fresh.

What makes delivery great is that you can get pizza right to your door and it will be fresh every time. The second that pizza box reaches your table, you cannot wait to open it up and enjoy a slice. If you are looking for fast, friendly delivery service this is the place to get your pizza from.

If you are a vegetarian, you’ll be happy to know that they have plenty of vegetarian options. Aside from pizza, they have various dishes that you can enjoy. You can even choose some of your favorite desserts as well including their New York Style Cheesecake or their delicious tiramisu.

Best Takeout Pizza in Vienna

Crust Pizzeria Napoletana is our pick for the best takeout pizza in Vienna. If you want pizza fresh out of the oven and right into your hand, this is the place to be. These pizzas are made from a wood fire stove giving it that authentic taste and quality.

You’ll walk out of there knowing that you have a fresh oven-made pizza that will taste good at the first bite. That’s something that will leave you with a smile on your face. Aside from pizzas, you’ll also have a selection of Italian-style dishes including the Misto Salumi, Arancini, and others. They also make different types of pasta, sandwiches, and salads.

Here, you have no short supply of any Italian food that will be delivered right to your door in Vienna.

Best Pizza Near Vienna


If you are looking for the best pizza and subs, where else could you go but...well, McLean Pizza & Subs? You get a generous amount of cheese and toppings and at prices that are quite reasonable. What’s not to love about that?

Aside from pizzas, they actually make some pretty good wings. They’re cooked to perfection inside and out. What makes them different from the others? These wings are not served covered in sauce. The sauce is served on the side and you do the dipping. Pretty cool, right?


If you are in the mood for some of the best New York Style pizza in the area, Lil Italian Pizza in Fairfax is a good place to check out. If you are looking for the closest to homemade Italian food, you’ll be in heaven right here. Especially when it comes to lasagna. This place is a bit fancier than some of the pizzerias and Italian restaurants you’ll find in the DMV area.

It’s also a good place if you are looking for healthier options. Why eat oily foods when they have good options here? But nevertheless, a slice of New York-style pizza has never been more mouthwatering than at this place.


Just a skip and a hop away from Vienna is Oakton. That’s where you’ll find Luciano Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria. If you are looking for excellent pizza at a good price, why go anywhere else? If you want a good-sized pizza, order one that is 24 inches. You get huge New York slices that will taste great the second you bite into them.

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