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Within the city of Los Angeles, California, San Pedro grew from being a small fishing town to a popular residential working-class community. Now considered one of the most gentrified areas in the state, San Pedro’s boundaries contain part of the massive Port of Los Angeles. Due to its seaside location, San Pedro historically attracted many immigrants, including Italians. It was also a popular destination for people from Mexico, Greece, and most of all, Croatia. The community has changed character over the years, majorly through the influence of this diversification. When you visit San Pedro, it’s almost impossible to avoid pizza. With over 40 pizza restaurants in the area just on Slice, it’s going to be hard to choose just one. San Pedro won’t have any trouble meeting your pizza needs, from different pizza to pizza by the slice to fine dining.

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San Pedro is Known for Croatian Style Pizza

It is only natural for the Croatian-style pizza to be the preferred pizza in San Pedro. After all, Croatians are the dominant community here. Croatian-style pizza might not be as well-known as its New York or Chicago counterparts, but it’s actually quite popular if you know where to look. At its core, the ideal components of this type of pizza are a thin, crispy crust and homemade bread-like dough. It has a variety of toppings, is cooked in a wood-burning oven, and is paired with infinite tomato sauce on the side. The significant difference is this sauce on the side - not on the pizza itself. Croatia-style pizza is customizable, especially in terms of the tomato sauce. The natives might slather on the sauce, while a tourist might prefer to dip lightly. The best part is that it’s ultimately your choice.

Best Delivery Pizza in San Pedro

Fat Tomato Pizza is a local counter-service Italian chain in the relaxed surroundings of San Pedro. The pizzeria is a favorite among both locals and visitors. With big windows and well-installed ceiling lights, it creates a beautiful ambiance overlooking the street. It has a calm indoor aesthetic that gives a homely vibe to the restaurant. They make their pizzas using organic ingredients. Their Caprese pizza is the most popular for delivery. It is made light and buttery, with lots of creamy sauce, but not heavy, topped with basil, tomatoes, and capers with any additional toppings that suit your preference. It would be great if you also tried their signature Caesar salad along with their hot and spicy chicken wings. You won't be disappointed. Their deliveries are always prompt. Try ordering today via Slice Life.

Best Takeout Pizza in San Pedro

Big Nick's Pizza along Gaffey Street, the Italian side of San Pedro, specializes in hand-tossed pizza and subs. Most of their ingredients and dressings used in the restaurant are made from scratch, bringing out an original homemade taste, and they have perfected the art of seasoning their meats. The pizzas and calzones are always perfectly presented - they look as good as they taste. The dough is made fluffy-good and turns out soft on the inside with a slight crispiness on the crust. You can choose from an abundance of additional toppings. Their torpedo sandwich is one beast of a sandwich, with everything on it. This tasty dish is filled with Italian meats, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and pepperoncini. Big Nick’s takeout service is always super quick, and the staff is friendly and patient with customers throughout the entire process. The place is not a commercial fast-food joint. It is a casual pizzeria that gives you what you pay for.

Best Pizza Near San Pedro

Wilmington, CA

If you are looking for tasty and reasonably priced pizza in Wilmington, your search has officially come to a halt. Pregio Pizza is popular for friendly and quick service. The dough is made fresh daily, and they have great specials. Their best-selling meat lovers pizza is served hot, with rich, soft bread, topped with beef, Italian sausage, spicy bean sauce, and extra cheese.

Long Beach, CA

When you agree on pizza after a long day of swimming at Long Beach, head to Long Beach Pizza Co. They make a delicious classic thin-crust pizza that is perfectly crunchy and is neither burnt nor too chewy. Their service is professional, and they will ensure you are comfortable and well taken care of. Additionally, there is an excellent selection of craft beers, perfectly chilled for that after-swim quench.

Harbor City, CA

People show up at Philipo's Pizza & Pasta just for the bread. This eatery located along the Pacific Coast Highway is a master of kneading the perfect dough. Their breadsticks and pizzas are rich in flavor and highly addictive. Their calzones are served hot, meaty, and stuffed with cheese. Nothing attracts people to pizza eateries more than irresistible meal deals. Fully aware of this, prices at Phillipos are incredibly fair and with unlimited deals round the clock.


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