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The best pizza in Newtown: a local guide

The Grandma Pizza is very similar to the Sicilian pie. The main difference would have to be in the dough that these two classic pies use. The Grandma pizza comes with a thinner crust, which is very dense when compared with the Sicilian.

The Grandma pizza also calls for a different type of layering. The cheese goes on the bottom, then the sauce goes on top. This allows for the pie to cook without burning the cheese. Plus, the crust isn’t going to get soggy from absorbing the sauce. Many people prefer this layering method in Newton for those reasons.

The name comes from the way it was made in the past. Grandmas living in Italy prepared the dishes for dinner for their families. The dish came to New York City, then quickly spread across the nation. It became a hit in Connecticut.

If you’re in the area, make sure to give Grandma pizza a try! We know you’ll love it.

Best Delivery Pizza in Newtown

If you want to try the best delivery in Newton, we recommend that you place an order with Tambascio’s Italian Grill. You get plenty of food and the staff always make sure to make your order promptly. That way, it can go out for delivery as soon as it's fully baked.

The location even offers plenty of gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian dishes. That means you can find plenty of options here no matter what types of diet restrictions you might have. We recommend that everyone in the area gives this place a try. We’re very confident that you’ll love it!

Overall, the staff there are very professional and friendly. You’re sure to have a wonderful experience and enjoy a delicious meal every time that you order from them. The menu also includes plenty of other wonderful entrees, appetizers, and salads. You even have the choice of dessert.

Best Takeout Pizza in Newtown

However, you’ll want to try some delicious takeout if you already happen to be out of the house. You can find plenty of amazing, quick meals at the Newtown Pizza Palace. They offer a variety of pizzas, Italian food, and Mediterranean food.

Many customers love their Greek pizza- you get a ton of toppings and a delicious flavor. Plus, they have amazing sides and great chicken fingers. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to love every bite of it. The location also is open every day of the week, making it great for an impromptu lunch.

When you order their takeout through us, you’re sure to receive it in no time at all. We make sure the order comes through clearly, so the cooks can begin promptly. You’re sure to always receive a hot and ready-to-eat meal.

Overall, make sure to give them a try today! We’re confident you’ll love this place.

Best Pizza Near Newtown


The Hometown Pizza of Southbury always has amazing pies. The locals love this place and recommend it to just about everyone. Plus, you can choose from a variety of fresh ingredients. The staff takes great care with making their orders and you get a lot of food with it!


If you’re looking for a classic Neapolitan, then Stanziato’s is the place to order. They make a classic, authentic Neapolitan. Plus, many of their ingredients are locally sourced. That means you get a fresher, more delicious pie!


The Oxford Pizza Palace has some of the best options for Italian meals. You get amazing prices and there's plenty of vegetarian options too. No matter what you order, you’re sure to get something that tastes quite delicious. The staff also always offer the best customer service in the area.

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