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Even though the Golden Hill Paugussett Indian tribe were the native inhabitants of present-day Shelton, the area was settled by explorers from England in 1639 as part of Stratford town. Sheldon eventually split from Stratford after more than a century in 1789 and was named Huntington after the split (after Samuel Huntington). The name, Shelton, was derived from the founder of a manufacturing company in the 1860s as there was now steady development in the community. Shelton became a borough in 1915, and it didn’t take long before it was incorporated as a city in 1919. Just before its incorporation, towards the close of the 19th century, thousands of Italians migrated into the area from towns in Sicily, taking up menial jobs, and subsequently becoming business owners. Before long, pizzerias began to spring up in the city and pizza became part of the regular meal of its residents.

The best pizza in Shelton: a local guide

The majority of the first-generation Italians that entered the city of Shelton in its early days were from different towns in Sicily, so it makes sense that the style of pizza that the residents of this city fancy the most is Sicilian pizza. Despite the fact that New Haven style is popular in the region, Shelton pizza aficionados aren’t moved - talk about having a stronghold! The Sicilian pizza in Shelton, just like the authentic version, is made of a spongy bread base that forms the crust on which meatless tomato sauce – quite a lot of it – is placed. Unlike the original Sicilian pizza, though, you often find pizzaiolos using mozzarella cheese for the pie here, and the residents like it. Of course, the pie is baked in a square pan that’s lined with olive oil which “fries” the dough and gives a crunchy feel. So, don’t expect a soggy crust when in Shelton and feasting on their beloved pie.

Best Delivery Pizza in Shelton

Have you had unpleasant experiences with pizza delivery and can’t seem to find that one place in Shelton that never disappoints? Try out Planet Pizza and you’ll wonder what took you so long to find this pizzeria on Bridgeport Avenue. When you place an order for pie from Planet, it will be delivered quickly – long before you’re finished off by hunger or weariness – and the meal will definitely be worth the wait. It’s why this joint is the best delivery pizza place in the city. What’s more, every time you place an order, you’ll get consistently high-quality pizza, regardless of the particular style or type of pizza you go for. The texture and feel of the crust, taste of the sauce and cheese, as well as the richness of the toppings will make this pizzeria where you get your pie delivered from. Place an order now on Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Shelton

If you haven’t had the takeout pizza that Legends Pizzeria on Bridgeport Avenue serves in Shelton, and you’re in the region, know for sure that you’re missing out on something that’s beyond description with words. Yes, it’s worth driving into town if you’re not in Shelton. This family-owned and run pizzeria is not your average takeout pizza place. There’s a reason it’s called Legends Pizzeria – their takeout is the stuff of legends. Rest assured you can’t have enough of their scrumptious pies with superb taste, fine dressing and packaging, and of course, the most mouthwatering aroma. Anything on their takeout pizza menu you try will make you come back, be it the pan pizza, thin-crust pizza, or some other house special. When you arrive, you can choose to enter the clean pizzeria to pick up your order, or have it brought to you in your vehicle. All you need is just place an order on Slice and head for the restaurant

Best Pizza Near Shelton


The town of Monroe lies northwest of Shelton and is one that’s well-known for its charm and character. As a small community that supports family-oriented recreation, it’s a great place to visit with family for vacation because time spent in any of the outdoor facilities here is always refreshing and rejuvenating. Wolfe Park, Webb Mountain, and Great Hollow Lake are destinations you can plan to visit while you’re here, but don’t leave without having the premium Neapolitan pizza or New Haven pizza that Julian's Brick Oven Pizzeria & Kitchen makes.


Head over to the small city with a big heart that’s two miles southwest of Shelton and you’re going to feel that small-town charm and aura as you explore its different parts. If you know where to look, you’ll see signs that show that Milford started out as an English settlement. Any of Hotchkiss Bridge or Memorial Bridge are good places to visit, and you could also stop at the city’s beaches. There’s so much to do here, so be ready for an adventure. Only make sure you don’t miss out on the Neapolitan pizza at Bella Napoli Pizza & Restaurant.


Whether or not you prepare a list of things to do in Trumbull before you visit, you’re going to have an exciting time. Why? Every interest you pursue here is so much fun, be it sightseeing, hiking, photography, etc. A major highlight of Trumbull is the Pequonnock River that flows through the city, along which there’s a trail that traverses several parks, wildlife areas, and reserves. A hike on this trail is highly enjoyable. Retire at Crown Pizza on Main Street to devour any of the assortments of pizzas for a complete experience.

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