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The best pizza in Norridge: a local guide

This pretty area is a suburb of Chicago that is sometimes known as the Island within a City. One of the older villages in this area, this location has seen a lot of cultural mixing which has influenced the character of the town in a very positive way. This is a great suburb to raise a family where you will still have access to quality restaurants, hotels, and things to do. If you want to visit the Chicago area, this is a nice place to land to enjoy a quieter and more peaceful stay with access to all the excitement that Chicago has to offer.

This town is not sleepy at all and you will be able to enjoy all kinds of fun cultural experiences as well as fine dining when you visit. Since this area is growing steadily, there are many amazing local businesses as well as traditional standard fare like chain grocery stores in the area. The local and special character of this city has not been lost as it has grown in size, which is another thing that makes this area so unique.

Norridge is Known for Thin-Crust Pizza

Being so close to Chicago, you might expect that this area would be known for deep-dish pizza but actually, it is far more common to see thin-crust pizzas on the menu here. You can always get all the usual favorite toppings and most places will also offer a White Pizza or a Sicilian slice that is authentic and delicious. Thin-crust pizzas are lighter and slightly less filling than a deep-dish pizza which means that you can enjoy more slices when you order without feeling full!

If you want to enjoy fusion pies, these are offered in this town as well and you will see creative items with BBQ ingredients, spicy meats and toppings, and more. Creative pizza is the name of the game here and the traditional thin-crust style is just the foundation for really excellent toppings and flavor experiences. Ordering pizza is easy in this town because there isn’t a bad slice to be found anywhere and all of the food is authentic and unique.

Best Delivery Pizza in Norridge

Villa Napoli offers both thin-crust pizzas and stuffed crust pizzas on their menu. They have really good anchovy and shrimp pizzas on the menu as well as meat lover’s pies and good veggie offerings. Their unique menu also offers some classics like olive pizzas and their Prosciutto Pizza. You can build your own pie as well and pick the style of crust that you prefer when you do so.

This restaurant also offers really great specials and deals which make it easy to combine your pizza with wings on some days of the week, pasta on others, and even steak on some days of the week! This location has a full list of tasty appetizers and their homemade soups make a good starter as well. If you want a sandwich, burger, or plate of pasta, you can get these items here as well.

Best Takeout Pizza in Norridge

Al’s Pizza makes a great gluten-free crust and they also offer thin-crust and stuffed crust pies. You can get basically any topping that you want for your pizza when you order from this location and you can trust them to make delicious pizzas that will be filling and satisfying for everyone in your group. Their Meat Lover’s pie is just as good as their veggie pizza and you can get great starters like stuffed mushrooms and cheese sticks here as well.

This location also offers salads, sandwiches, and Panzerotti, and you can choose from a long list of pasta dinners if you want to enjoy both pizza and pasta. Their ribs and other Southern offerings are also really good and you can easily include these items as sides for your order.

Best Pizza Near Norridge

Melrose Park, IL

The Joynt Next Door offers stuffed pizzas as well as good BBQ pizzas for your enjoyment. Their wings and pickles are really good as well and you can get some classic Italian pasta dishes here as well as fusion pizzas that offer the best of many cuisines in one pie. They offer a blend of pizza styles that everyone will love. This location also makes great sandwiches and burgers so you do not have to order pizza if you are not in the mood.

Northlake, IL

Cochiaro’s Pizza makes a great pan crust pizza and you will want to try their veggie or even their cheese offerings as they are so flavorful. They also make a good stuffed crust and you can build your own pizza here with ease by choosing from a whole list of great toppings. This location has a huge list of starters and pub foods so you can add some french fries, fried pickles, and more to your order with ease. They also make great burgers and sandwiches which can be helpful if you have a large group to feed.

Franklin Park, IL

Nick & Bruno’s Pizzeria makes great gluten-free crust as well as pan crust, thin-crust, and double dough pizzas! You can also order your pizza to take home and bake yourself when you pick this location for your pizza dinner or lunch. Their Garden Pizza is really good and you will love their Meat lovers and Southern Pizza. There are also BBQ offerings on the menu if you love Southern fusion pizza. You can also add wings, soups, salads, and more to your order when you choose this quality pizza location.

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