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States in the USA have established themselves in pizza making, and none want to be left behind. Pizzerias in Illinois have been creative enough to introduce the Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, which has dominated the whole state. It has become a favorite for every pizza lover in Palatine and whenever you visit Illinois, make sure you enjoy a slice of deep-dish. Pizza came to this state more than 50 years ago, and it has remained the best food you can get from Illinois. Most pizzerias use the Italian traditions of pizza making; they just modify the structure a little bit. Pizza was brought to Illinois by immigrants from Italy and people from New York. Palatine is a hub for everything. It has business, food, education, sports, and much more. This has led to a growth in population, with young people as the most prevalent demographic. Luckily, most young people are pizza enthusiasts. Pizzerias in Palatine ensure that the Italian authenticity of pizza is maintained by using traditional pizza-making tools. When you are around Palatine and don’t know where to order pizza, you can check Slice for advice.

The best pizza in Palatine: a local guide

It’s often a dream come true when you get to taste a special meal when visiting a new place. Pizzerias in Palatine have ensured that the residents never forget their traditional Chicago-style deep-dish pizza by making it a memorable meal in every establishment. Chicago-style deep-dish pizza has a crispy and flaky crust made by baking the dough in a round and deep pan. The dough is baked slightly before adding the toppings to avoid spoiling them with excess heat. The deep-dish pizza requires more time in the oven than other types of pizza due to the much thicker crust. The Chicago-style pizza has a different arrangement style. It is put together in this order: the crust, cheese, toppings, and then the tomato sauce. The pattern and the crust make the pizza special among the locals. Most pizzerias in Chicago still use the traditional pizza-making techniques, which involve using the wood-fired oven.

Best Delivery Pizza in Palatine, Illinois

Almost 80% of pizzerias in Palatine offer food delivery. An increase has been observed in the past few years, where food delivery is preferred over a dine-in experience. Most pizzerias are starting to do delivery, and you can check on Slice to order a pizza wherever you are in the country. Sarpino’s Pizzeria ensures that you receive your favorite pizza anywhere in Palatine for free. They care for their customers, and that’s why you should satisfy your pizza cravings and order a Chicago-style deep-dish pizza from them. Nothing beats their cheese which is a blend of pure Edam cheese and Wisconsin-aged cheese, which brings out the originality of their pizza. The pizzeria ensures that their pizza is made using fresh ingredients and has no fillers in the cheese. The meat in the pizza is always of high quality, and they don’t use any artificial flavors. Besides Pizza, Sarpino’s Pizzeria also offers a wide variety of dishes such as salads, sandwiches, desserts, calzones, and much more! You can move with the trend and start getting pizza delivery with just a click on Slice. Your deep-dish pizza will be at your door in a flash.

Best Takeout Pizza in Palatine, Illinois

Some people prefer pizza takeout so they can enjoy it at home while having a family movie night, weeknight dinner, or a quick lunch. No matter when or how you eat your takeout pizza, it’s sure to be a fun time. Napoli Pizza is a Palatine treasure when you’re in search of a good takeout pizza. This pizzeria only offers takeout, and that’s why it’s the best place for a pizza takeout adventure. They never disappoint; your pizza comes out hot and fresh every time. The excellent quality and speed of service are what keep the locals coming back week after week. Napoli Pizza is a family-owned and operated Italian restaurant serving Palatine residents with delicious pizzas for the past 50 years. For the best pizza takeout in Palatine, you can order directly on Slice.

Best Pizza Near Palatine


The town lies about ten miles northeast of Palatine, and it will take you roughly 20 minutes to get there. The city has adopted Chicago-style pizza making, and most pizzerias are offering delicious meals. Buca di Beppo pizzeria offers Italian food to the residents in Wheeling. They follow the Italian traditions of preparing meals, which has made the pizzeria a household name. When craving a delicious pizza, sandwich, and pasta, you can order on Slice for quick delivery. Buca di Beppo pizzeria allows its customers to customize any meal they want. If you have a specific pizza concoction you want to make, Buca di Beppo is the right place.

Buffalo Grove

When in Buffalo Grove, don’t worry about where to order pizza for lunch or dinner. The town, located about eight miles northeast of Palatine, is home to some of the best pizzerias in the area. Pizanoz Pizza is one of the best pizzerias in Buffalo Grove, where you can order any style of pizza and be satisfied with the results. The pizzeria has crafted its pizza-making techniques without tampering with the pizza traditions. Pizanoz offers Chicago-style pizza and other types of pizza, such as New York-style pizza. The restaurant also provides grinders, salads, and strombolis. Their pizzas are so yummy; you’ll definitely keep coming back for more.


It will take you about 10 minutes to get to Barrington from Palatine. Barrington is home to some of the wealthiest people in America. The town has some of the best pizzerias and restaurants in Illinois, offering unique dishes. Moretti’s Ristorante & Pizzeria is a key player in the pizza market in Barrington. The pizzeria offers a wide variety of pizza and other American and Italian cuisines. Favorites here include the original stuffed jalapeno pizza and the cheesy crust meatball pizza. You are also allowed to customize your own pizza and choose any toppings you need.

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