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The first European colonists arrived in present-day Arlington in 1635 when it was a village that was known as Menotomy at the time. The area became known as Arlington in 1867 and this name was chosen as a memorial to those that were buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Arlington was a farming community in its early years and is famous as the birthplace of Uncle Sam (Samuel Wilson), a name that the US Federal Government goes by these days. The J. W. Wilbur Company developed a part of Arlington in 1917 known as Arlington Terrace, and at the time, some of the lands in that part of town were purchased by Italian immigrants in the region. As a result, four streets that are linked to Arlington Terrace were named after places in Italy – Udine, Avola, Modena, and the region of Piedmont. Today, there is a vibrant Italian-American community in Arlington and, as a consequence, an abiding popularity of Italian cuisine in the town, pizza being a top menu item on the list.

The best pizza in Arlington: a local guide

The most in-demand and popular pizza type in Arlington is the New York-style pizza. This pizza typically consists of a thin crust that is hand-tossed, only having a thicker crust around the edges. This makes it possible for Arlington pizza lovers to enjoy a crisp and soft center with toppings spread across the surface, and a thick outer part that is crunchy but still gives room for folding. The young adult population of this town probably fancies this style because it can be very handy and easy to eat on the go. As is common with New York-style pizza, the traditional toppings that go on the pie are mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Still, Arlington pizza lovers often go for a wide variety of condiments on the cheese too, all just so they can have a wholesome meal. As a result, pizzaiolos make it a point of duty to include other toppings on their pizza like sausage, mushrooms, anchovies, pepperoni, and onions.

Best Delivery Pizza in Arlington

Ordering a pizza for delivery to your doorstep in Arlington is a delight thanks to the excellence of Brickstone Café and Pizzeria on Broadway. This pizzeria is both owned and operated by a family and they offer the best delivery pizza in the town. It is the place to get delicious pizza made with fresh ingredients and low moisture, part-skim Grande cheese. You can go for their homemade thin crust pizza with mozzarella and tomato sauce, create your own, or get their specialty pizza options that come with the choice of even more toppings like onions, peppers, pepperoni, etc. If you are a fan of soccer, you’ll love the names of some of the specialty pizzas here - Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Juventus, AC Milan, and so on. At Brickstone, delivering tasty and piping hot pizza to you for lunch or dinner is the priority. Get one (or two) right away by placing an order on Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Arlington

If you are wondering where the finest place to get takeout pizza in Arlington is, then all roads lead to Olympic Pizza. This pizzeria on Massachusetts Avenue specializes in providing gourmet pizza that is carefully cooked for their customers using fresh and fine ingredients with hand-kneaded dough. The pizza is specially made for you as soon as your order comes in and you can rest assured your hot and yummy pie will be ready for pickup as soon as you walk through their door. Olympic Pizza has different toppings like meatballs, ham, sausage, salami, bacon, etc. that can go on the crust. It all depends on how you want it. For pizza lovers with a preference for gluten-free crust, the pizzaiolos here are pros in making gluten-free cauliflower pizza crust and they serve it with whatever toppings of your choosing. Get started today by placing an order on Slice and be on your way for pickup.

Best Pizza Near Arlington


The best spot to get superb Italian pizza in Lexington, that lies northwest of Arlington and shares borders with it, is Lexington House of Pizza. This pizzeria on Lowell street, with just the perfect name that so rightly describes what they’re about, serves pizza that’s crafted from fresh homemade dough and topped with cheese and sauce that’s unique to Lexington. You should definitely give it a try. Additional toppings like onion, broccoli, ham, pepperoni, to mention a few, are available too. While you’re in town, ensure you visit the historic Minutemen Statue unveiled in 1990.


Winchester lies northeast of Arlington and is home to the Middlesex Fells Reservation, an outdoor recreation destination for visitors and residents of the town. While you’re here, you should definitely visit Toscano’s Italian Kitchen on Main street for the best Italian pizza around. Serving thin crust pizza with extra cheese and toppings, Toscano’s is all about the freshness, hotness, and taste of the pie. They serve gourmet pizza too with mushrooms, spinach, and a host of other toppings.


Established in 1849, Belmont town is located south of Arlington and features Stone Hearth Pizza, a premium pizzeria for traditional Neapolitan pizza. Here, the priority is using local, sustainable, and organic ingredients to make your pizza so that all you enjoy is freshness and awesomeness in every bite. Besides going for the specialty pizza at Stone Hearth, you could also create your own pizza with options like two-sauce, three-cheese, or four-toppings. Rest assured, you’ll be getting well-cooked thin crust pizza here with whichever choice you make.

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