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The best pizza in Fairhaven: a local guide

Neapolitan pizza originated in Naples, Italy, and is one of the most popular pizzas in the world and the favorite of Fairhaven. It was invented in honor of Queen Margherita of Savoy as her colors were a reflection of the Italian flag. Neapolitan pizza is traditionally made with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese just like its Italian cousins. It also consists of wheat flour for the dough, natural yeast, and sea salt. There are several variants of this pizza, with the original being the Margherita variant which is made with tomato, sliced mozzarella, virgin olive oil, basil, and optional parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. It usually has a soft thin crust baked at around 800 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit which causes the crust to be burnt and puffy at the edges with a thin center. This gives the pizza its traditionally delightful taste and crispiness for an enjoyable meal. In Fairhaven, Brick Pizzeria Napoletana is known for this pizza type.

Best delivery pizza in Fairhaven

Are you looking for a good pizzeria in Fairhaven that can get your pizza delivered to you quickly? Brick Pizzeria Napoletana is that pizzeria. They have proven themselves worthy of this spot with a fast delivery service. Brick Pizzeria Napoletana offers delivery and takeout for people in Fairhaven. This pizzeria has classy outdoor seating for people who want to enjoy the ambiance of the environment. There are a couple of outdoor seats as well as a medium-sized dining room. This pizzeria is available for lunch and dinner delivery, and they have a pleasant menu that can satisfy the cravings of different customers. They are known for delivering good Neapolitan-style pizza. They also have other nice pizzas like White Pizza, Pesto Pollo pizza, Barbecue Chicken pizza, Red pizza, and Funghi pizza.

Best takeout pizza in Fairhaven

Galaxy Pizza House is the best takeout pizzeria in Fairhaven. They have takeout and dine-in options, but they do not have a delivery option. For those that love going out to eat or getting takeouts by themselves from their favorite pizzerias, Galaxy Pizza House is the best pick for you. This pizzeria is known for its warm and friendly reception. The owner and staff see their customers as a family. No wonder they always make an excellent impression on first-time dine-in and takeout customers. The steak subs are out of this world. The French fries are really excellent. The pizza is also fantastic. This pizzeria never disappoints its customers with freshly made and hot pizzas ready for takeout. Their Chicken, Spinach & Feta Pizza is one of the best-selling pizzas on their menu.
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Best Pizza Near Fairhaven


The Massachusetts town of Dartmouth is a beautiful coastal town and part of a chain of coastal villages, vineyards, and farms. Tourism is a major industry in this area, thanks to its beaches and rivers. In Dartmouth, Fay's Restaurant offers the best pizzeria, which is a beautiful restaurant with a family-friendly ambiance and delicious Italian food. They have takeout and dine-in options, as well as a wheelchair-accessible entrance and parking lot. They'll prepare your meal, whether it's a pizza with all your favorite toppings, a dish packed with pasta-marinara goodness, or fresh salad, and they are known to deliver on time and with true hospitality.


Along the Acushnet River, Acushnet is a peaceful town in Bristol County, Massachusetts, housing a free library and several tourist attractions. In addition, it is home to a number of pizzerias. Jeffrey's House of Pizza is the best. Jeffery’s offer exceptional dine-in, takeout, and delivery services along with good customer relations through polite staff all in a casual atmosphere, and their general food menu is worthy of note. They are known for good-tasting veggie pizzas


Westport is the westernmost port in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. A large part of it is covered by water making it a great fishing destination. The town also has lots of restaurants and pizzerias of which the best of the pizzerias is Olympia Pizza. With a casual and cozy atmosphere and offering great dine-in, delivery and takeout services, Olympia Pizza also features a wheelchair-accessible car park and entrance to the restaurant where pizzas of unique styles are served.

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