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Ludlow, MA is a fun area to live in. You get to experience plenty of fun festivals and many different types of foods. Plus, if you’re in town, you have many different options for pizza. You’ll want to try the classic Neapolitan pie, which is popular in the area.

There’s a strong sense of community and plenty of soccer events. When you’re done enjoying the games, you should order some local pizza. There are plenty of options and all of the local shops make an amazing pie! If you haven’t tried anything, you’re really missing out.

When you order with us, we make it convenient to get the food you want in Ludlow. You won’t have to leave the house and can easily order from any device that you have! Overall, you’ll want to keep reading- we have plenty of hidden gems for you to check out.

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Ludlow is Known For Neapolitan Type Pizza

Neapolitan pizza is a classic style that originated in Naples, Italy. You get a homemade pie, with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. The most popular type of Neapolitan is the Margherita- it was one of the queen’s favorites hundreds of years ago.

Neapolitan pizza is known for its puffy, yet thin crust, which expands while it’s cooked. The pies are also prepared in a classic pizza oven, giving you the charring that’s a sign of a good Neapolitan. Overall, these pies come with a ton of flavor- you’re sure to love them.

For a Neapolitan to be authentic, it has to follow strict rules. It can’t be larger than a set size, needs to have raised edges, and must have a soft dough. With so many rules in place, you’re sure to get a great-tasting pie every time.

In short, Neapolitans are very tasty. When in Ludlow, MA, you’ll want to give them a try! There’s plenty of places to find these dishes in town.

Best Delivery Pizza in Ludlow

Casa Pizzeria has plenty of delicious New York-style pies. You’ll love their vegetarian options as well. Many customers recommend that you try their Margarita pizza. They use a Grandma crust, which is thin and crispy. You get plenty of sauce and a delicious layer of cheese.

The service offered here is also excellent. When you order through us, you also get your pizza ASAP. The staff starts making it right away, allowing you to enjoy your meal promptly. If you’re already feeling pretty hungry, you can trust them to get it to you in no time.

The toppings are always fresh and you get plenty of food with your order. You also get unique pies- there are plenty of specialty options. Overall, you’ll love their meals! We recommend that you order tonight for a tasty, quick dinner.

Best Takeout Pizza in Ludlow

Maybe you want the best takeout instead? You can order from Pizza Corner. This location offers amazing menu items. Many customers recommend that you try their sandwiches. You’re sure to enjoy the fresh rolls that they use for the bread.

Plus, they offer plenty of quick meals, making them great for ordering food on your lunch breaks. As soon as you order, they make your food, so you can get it as quickly as possible. Plus, you can set timed orders, allowing you to pick up your food when it’s more convenient for you. Using this method also lets you get your food fresh every time.

The staff are very friendly and make amazing pies. The crust is always crunchy and crisp, and you get it hot and fresh every single time. You’ll also want to try their fries and grinders! If you order now, you’ll have your meal very quickly.

Best Pizza Near Ludlow


We’d have to say that Area Four has some of the best pizza in Boston. They prepare the Neapolitans right in a special oven. You get delicious wood-fired pies and have many different options for the toppings. You’ll love everything they have on their menu!


Gregory’s Restaurant & Pizza offers some of the most amazing meals in the area. You get everything at a great value. Plus, the slices are large and you’re sure to enjoy the crust they use. Overall, you get great customer service and a wonderful flavor.


Anyone in Springfield should make sure to stop by the Red Rose Pizzeria. This place has thousands of positive reviews online- locals love the place! They have wonderful topping options, which are always fresh. You also will love their pasta alfredo and sauce!


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