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Springfield is well known for being the origin of the Cashew Chicken dish and several Chinese food restaurants. However, they also have quite the pizza scene these days. The town has several different options, including both thin and thick slices.

If you love pizza, then Springfield has plenty of different options for you to try out. Pizza traveled here naturally as more and more people moved to the state over time. Soon, the town had developed a taste for the Italian dish.

Overall, there are many different dishes for you to try out in the area. We recommend that you try out some of the pizzerias we describe here soon. If you live in the local area, you won’t want to miss out on some delicious pies.

Be sure to stick around if you want to learn more about the pizza places around you. There is a lot to try out, so we made sure to include all of the favorite places of locals.

Recommended Pizzerias in Springfield

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Pizzerias in Springfield with Fastest Delivery

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Springfield is Known for Chicago Style Pizza

For those who live in the city, you likely have seen plenty of Chicago-style pizzas around. We recommend that you try out this local dish when you can. The Chicago-style pizza has several features that make it unique.

First, the pizza dough is fried in a pan, allowing the crust to form a wall around the outer rim of the pie. The wall can hold a heaping pile of sauce and toppings. Additionally, these pizzas are built “upside-down” when compared to what you might be used to.

The cheese is on the bottom, then the toppings, then the sauce on top. While this tastes very similar to other pizza styles, it still makes it stand out.

Overall, the Chicago pizza style is delicious and widely available in the state. You can find plenty of pizzerias on Slice Life that offer this recipe on their menu.

Best Delivery Pizza in Springfield

Are you looking for fast pizza delivery in Springfield? If you are, then we recommend that you order from the Neighborhood Pizza Cafe on Glenstone Avenue. They are very fast with their service, allowing you to enjoy your meal soon after ordering.

They have many delicious, authentic Italian dishes and are vegetarian-friendly. Their food is delicious, they have amazing service, and a great value on all of their meals. Many locals also say that they love the atmosphere of the restaurant.

They are a great local pizzeria, making them well worth checking out if you can order from them. They have grinders, potato salad, and plenty of other side dishes. Next time you don’t feel like cooking, be sure to place an order through Slice Life!

Overall, this location has everything you need to enjoy a wonderful meal at home.

Best Takeout Pizza in Springfield

Maybe you are looking for some takeout options instead? If so, then we recommend that you place an order with Rocco’s Pizza South Springfield location. They are local to the area and well-loved by the people that order from them.

They have cannolis too, which are a customer favorite. Many people recommend that you check out their salads and their breadsticks too. The customers also mentioned online that they loved how kind the staff at this location was.

They work hard to provide you with delicious meals quickly. However, when you place an order online through Slice Life, you know that you are going to get your order quickly. The staff always cook with fresh ingredients as well.

Many locals also will place a timed order with this pizzeria, then pick up their meal on their lunch breaks. Doing so saves a lot of time, while still allowing you to have a delicious, hot meal while at work.

Best Pizza Near Springfield


If you want to try something local to Nixa, then we recommend that you visit the Marco’s Pizza location there. They offer several different items and always use fresh toppings, allowing you to create a delicious pie.


Pete’s House of Pizza is the best place in this location. You will want to try it when you pass through. The locals recommend it, saying the pizza is cooked fresh and comes with delicious cheese. You have plenty of choices when you order from them.


Godfathers Pizza has some of the best pies around. Their servings are great for sharing and they are the perfect place to get a quick bite to eat. Overall, they are worth checking out if you want to eat a deep-dish pizza. Plus, their prices are also pretty great!


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