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The best pizza in Chesterfield: a local guide

Chesterfield is a great city that fosters a great family environment with many opportunities to find employment as well as to entertain your family. It is in close proximity to several freeways and highways to access different parts of the city and near many other urban areas, including St. Louis, just 20 miles away. There are many different public and private schools available, and several different neighbourhoods to choose from. There isn't very much nightlife but lots of places to shop and plenty of restaurant choices within driving distance no matter where you live. Chesterfield is the perfect combination of city and suburban life. Different cuisines are served at various restaurants with pizza being the most preferred fast food. People tend to enjoy and favor the pizza invented and prepared in St. Louis. Pizza family day out is the most common family activity, especially on weekends.

Chesterfield is Known for St. Louis-style Pizza

St Louis-style pizza is recognized in parts surrounding St. Louis, Missouri. The pizza is prepared round without yeast. This results in a thin cracker-like crust that cannot fold. Hence, the pizza is cut into rectangles or three-inch squares. This cut is commonly referred to as a party cut. The pizza is layered with Provel processed cheese. This is a trademark combination of three kinds of cheese, including provolone cheese, white cheddar cheese, and Swiss cheese. It was developed in Wisconsin purposely for this pizza and is not widely available outside St. Louis.
Pizza chefs can layer toppings deeply and liberally. The pizza sauce for St. Louis pizza is seasoned with more oregano than other pizza types. This allows a proper balance of flavor with numerous toppings and the thin crust. You will get the ultimate St. Louis-style pizza from Talayna's Italian Restaurant.

Best Delivery Pizza in Chesterfield

Talayna's Italian Restaurant is a casual Italian eatery located at Four Seasons Shopping Centre. The restaurant has been serving residents of Chesterfield delicious pizza slices, Italian, and Mediterranean cuisine since 1964. It features a refined dining atmosphere with staff focused on customer satisfaction.
You will have a variety of gourmet pizzas and four styles of pizza to choose from at Talayana’s. This includes the Chicago-style deep-pan pizza, the New York-style hand-tossed pizza, the Manhattan hand-tossed pizza, and the favored St. Louis-style thin-crust pizza, square cut and prepared with a mixture of provolone and mozzarella cheese. The restaurant satisfies your cravings while giving you room to explore and discover new favorites. It is worthy to note that their salads are a meal by themselves. They are bountifully loaded and served with addictive salad dressing and famous homemade croutons. Check out more items from their menu and make an order through Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Chesterfield

Order takeout from The Haus Pizzeria & Bar. The pizzeria is located on Clayton Road, easily accessible for takeout and curbside pick-up. Haus Pizzeria’s aim is to provide outstanding customer service and quality meals at an affordable price.
All their pizzas are made from scratch using fresh dough prepared daily. Additionally, veggies and meats incorporated are consistently fresh and high-quality. To understand what all the fuss is about here, try Jerry's Famous Pizza. The pizza is a delicious and a crafty variation of a typical chicken ranch pizza, prepared with smoked pulled pork, spicy BBQ sauce, ranch dressing, and mozzarella cheese. Other than pizza, their Pasta Alfafane is prepared by tossing spaghetti noodles in creamy alfredo sauce, then topping them with light bacon, sprinkles of crushed red peppers, and cheddar cheese. It’s a delightful specialty meal with a kick. Discover more delectable items from the menu and make an order through Slice.

Best Pizza Near Chesterfield


O'Fallon has earned and maintained its spot as one of the safest cities in the country. The city is home to a family-focused community with welcoming and accepting residents. There are plenty of places for entertainment and numerous restaurants to dine in while in the city. There so many pizzerias in O’Fallon. It would be great to sample a different one every time you are there. However, if you try a slice from Nancy's Pizza, you might get hooked for a long time. The pizzeria serves exceptional stuffed deep-dish pizzas, super-thin crispy pizzas with lighter ingredients, and gluten-free thin-crust pizza.


Ballwin is a conveniently situated city offering a suburban lifestyle without endless suburbs and identical houses. It offers all amenities of a big city and diverse cuisine options. It is close enough to St. Louis for endless entertainment activities.
Pass by the Pasta House along Manchester Road for delicious pasta and tasty pizza slices. Pizzas are topped with flavorful toppings, and for people with dietary restrictions, there is a well-prepared cauliflower crust topped with classic cheese and your preferred toppings.

St. Peters

St. Peters is a lovely suburb of St. Louis. The city combines the community feel of a small town with resources found in a big city. There is easy access to recreation, dining, and socialization. You will get excellent pizza from The Brick Oven in St. Peters. The pizzeria offers a large variety of excellent specialty pizzas and popular styles like St. Louis-style, New York-style, and Chicago deep-dish. All their pizzas are baked in a brick oven, and the restaurant is particular to balance the crust thickness to topping ratio perfectly.

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