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The best pizza in St Charles: a local guide

The introduction of St. Louis pizza to the world can be attributed to one man: Amedeo Fiore. He first served the new St. Louis-style pizza from his Melrose Pizzeria in 1946. St. Louis-style pizza is characterized predominantly by its thin crust. The crust is so thin that it is often compared to a cracker, and you won’t fold it without it breaking. The cracker crust is made without yeast and is the exact opposite of the pizza just down the road - Chicago deep-dish. Pieces of St. Louis pizza are cut into squares or rectangles, but the whole pizza is round. In addition to the crust, the cheese is also unique. Most pizzerias use a blend of cheese called Provel. This trademark called Provel includes white cheddar, swiss, and provolone. As for the sauce, you might find it to be a bit sweeter than your usual pizza sauce. This is primarily related to the influence of Sicilian immigrants in St. Louis. The sauce can also have more oregano than you’re used to.

Best Delivery Pizza in St. Charles

Talayna's Wagon Wheel Pizza, also known as Talayna’s World Class Pizza, is one of the oldest places in St. Charles. The menu is rich with various pizza options like styles from St. Louis, New York, and Chicago. Whether you want to style your own pizza or choose from the menu, the choice is yours. If you’re opting for something on the menu, the St. Louis Special Pizza with three kinds of meat, mushrooms, and peppers is a big hit with diners. The Chicago and New York pizzas come in seven different options each, so it will take ages to try it all. If you need something to accompany your pizza, their appetizers are also extensive. Fried zucchini, toasted ravioli, and chicken wings will compliment your pizza perfectly. They have healthier options as well, like salads. The Chef Salad is considered “a meal in itself.” The service at Talayna’s is always top-notch, and the food quality speaks for itself. No matter what you sample from the menu, you’re sure to enjoy it.

Best Takeout Pizza in St. Charles

Padavan's NY Pizza & Pinball is a fine place for takeout. Start your meal with flavorsome appetizers like garlic cheese bread, pretzels, and mozzarella sticks. As for pizza, they specialize in both New York and St. Louis-style. You can create your own pizza with your desired toppings and cheese. Also, you get options to choose up to seven toppings at a reasonable price. For lunch or a quick snack, you can get a variety of New York pizza by the slice. The restaurant gets its name from its signature Padavan sushi roll. If you’re ordering from here, you simply must add this to your meal. The roll is prepared with cream cheese, avocado, and crab, then topped with eel sauce. Their other starters include mozzarella sticks, toasted ravioli, and NY buffalo wings - all tasty choices. Hurry up and get your order now!

Best Pizza Near St. Charles

Maryland Heights

Maryland Heights is located in St. Louis County and full of adventures like hiking and rowing. It’s popular with young families for the good schools and relaxing pace of life. Serra's Pizzeria is a family-owned Italian restaurant that serves delicious pizza and other food. St. Louis-style pizza is a popular choice for its thin and crunchy crust and Provel cheese. They also have a gluten-free crust that you can customize. You can also check out their menu of burgers, salads, and Italian sandwiches.

St. Peters

Residents living in St. Peters love being outside. An abundance of parks makes it a pleasant spot for a picnic, baseball game, and tour around the playground.

Vette's Restaurant and Bar offers flavorsome pies to the residents of St. Peters. Opt for the Garlic Ranch Pizza or the Supreme Quesadilla, served with salsa and sour cream.


On your next trip to Ballwin, visit Pasta House for a quick and friendly meal. This family-oriented Italian restaurant serves pasta, sandwiches, and salads in addition to pizza. Make sure you try the Volcano Buffalo Chicken Pizza - it’s amazing. It has Vesuvius chicken, hot sauce, celery, and ranch dressing. This combination will be hard to find anywhere else.

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