Top Pizza Restaurants in Jefferson City, MO Near You

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Casey's Carry-Out Pizza

102 Eastland Dr, Jefferson City, MO 65101

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Pizzaria Napolitana

3550 W Edgewood Dr, Jefferson City, MO 65109

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Mod Super Fast Pizza

1709 Missouri Blvd, Jefferson City, MO 65109

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Kraken Bar And Grill

418 W Elm St, Jefferson City, MO 65101

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Papa Murphy's Take-N-Bake Pizza

1803 Missouri Blvd, Jefferson City, MO 65109

The best pizza in Jefferson City: a local guide

Jefferson City is a unique place with lots of things to explore. The city got its name in honor of the third US president, Thomas Jefferson, and it's also the capital of Missouri. The city is a hub for entertainment, businesses, sports, and without forgetting the world-class restaurants across the streets. The restaurants are famous for serving delicious toasted ravioli and pizzas. Missouri boasts of developing St. Louis-style pizzas, but you can also find other pizza types in Jefferson City. Italian immigrants who settled in the city in the mid 20th century brought pizza with them, and since then, the dish has been a favorite among the locals. Many young professionals in Jefferson City work in the service and manufacturing industries. When visiting Jefferson City, make a point to tour the Missouri State Museum or the State Capitol, and learn about the city's history. You can also attend the Food Truck Friday Festival, which happens on the last Friday of every month from March to October.

Jefferson City is Known for New York-style Pizza

Jefferson City has a rich selection of delicacies, and you shouldn't leave the town without sampling some of the iconic pizzas. Even though Missouri invented St. Louis-style pizza, most restaurants in Jefferson City serve New York-style pizza. New York pizza has been a favorite dish in Jefferson City since the mid 20th century when New Yorkers and Italian immigrants relocated to the city. Gennaro Lombardi created the first New York-style pizza in 1905 in New York City. New York pizza borrows some features from Neapolitan pizza, namely its thin crust. The pizza has a hand-tossed thin crust, traditionally piled with shredded mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Most restaurants serve the pizza by the slice, and it's common to fold them into two while eating. Some pizzerias go the extra mile in importing water from New York since it's believed to contain certain minerals which enhance the pizza's taste. While seasoning the sauce, you can use red chili pepper flakes, dried oregano, grated parmesan cheese, and dried basil. It's a flavorsome dish that will knock your socks off, and it's worth ordering.

Best Delivery Pizza in Jefferson City, Missouri

Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza is an iconic restaurant that has served tasty thin crust, stuffed, and keto pizzas in Jefferson City for over 40 years. The restaurant offers fresh pizzas for delivery, and they can be baked to perfection in your oven at home. Be your own chef, and customize your pizza by choosing a crust and five favorite toppings. The pizzeria serves over 20 specialty pizzas, and you can order any option on the menu if you don’t want to create one yourself. You can explore the Hawaiian Thin Crust Pizza served on their original crust and loaded with Canadian bacon, traditional red sauce, pineapple, and two blends of cheese. When ordering for people with big appetites, you can request the Chicken Bacon Stuffed Pizza topped with Roma tomatoes, creamy garlic sauce, grilled chicken, and mixed onions. The pizzas are healthy, and you don’t have to worry about chicken raised with antibiotics. Your family will love the XLNY Giant Pepperoni & Ground Sausage Pizza special, which has generous toppings offered at a real bargain. If you still have room for more food, you can choose a dessert of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough when ordering on Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Jefferson City, Missouri

Kate & Ally’s NY Pizzeria is a renowned restaurant in Jefferson City serving mouth-watering New York-style, Chicago-style, and St. Louis-style pizzas. The pizzeria offers the best takeout meals in town, and you can order on Slice at favorable prices. Start your meal right with an order of garlic bread served with garlic, olive oil, and herb seasoning. Your next dish should be Tyler’s Choice Pizza loaded with tasty jalapeno, anchovy, fresh beef, and mozzarella cheese. It’s a flavorful dish that will take you to cloud nine, and it shouldn’t be missed in your order from Kate & Ally’s NY Pizzeria. Remember to save room for a Kate & Ally’s Deluxe House Salad tossed with green peppers, pepperoni, onions, and black olives. If you have extra coins to spend on the order, ensure you add a cheesecake and brownie for dessert. You can surprise your colleagues with Tyler’s lunch special of a calzone, salad, and a drink. The lunch special contains sausage, ham, and your choice of cheese in the calzone, a fountain drink, and a house salad. The staff at the pizzeria will ensure your takeout order is served fresh and piping hot.

Best Pizza Near Jefferson City


The town of California lies 24 miles northwest of Jefferson City, and it’s a nice place to savor Italian delicacies. California has several pizzerias serving tasty dishes, but you should choose Casey’s for your takeout or delivery order. Set the tone for the meal with an order of cheesy breadsticks, and it will tempt your taste buds. The pizzeria serves the best BBQ Pizza in California, with BBQ sauce, bacon, regular cheese, and onions. If you want a dish with more meat toppings, you can order a Meat Galore Pizza and experience the savory taste of mild sausage, regular cheese, marinara, and pepperoni. Don’t forget to include a ranch dipping sauce since it goes well with the pizzas, especially the crust.


Godfather’s Pizza Express is a notable restaurant in Westphalia that has served heavenly pizzas for over 30 years. Enjoy your pizza in any size, from mini to jumbo, and the prices are favorable. You can treat yourself to a tasty All Meat Combo Pizza served with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, bacon bits, and Italian sausage. Try something with more veggies, such as the Sicilian Veggie Pizza loaded with artichoke hearts, spinach, black olives, and two types of cheese. If you are craving a pizza with both meat and veggie toppings, the Pesto Chicken & Spinach Pizza is perfect for you. It has typical toppings such as chicken, spinach, and mushrooms.


Ashland is a beautiful town located 16 miles from Jefferson City, and it’s a perfect vacay destination. You can savor flavorsome dishes served at Pizza Haus when visiting Ashland, and you won’t regret it. The pizzeria has served Ashland since 1996, and you can confidently trust them with your order. The Bacon Double Cheeseburger Pizza will be a good choice for a start. The pizza has tempting toppings consisting of extra beef, bacon, onions, and two types of cheese. The restaurant also has a great selection of hoagies. You can bulk up your order with a Ham & Cheese Hoagie served with Canadian bacon.

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