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The best pizza in Clayton: a local guide

Even though the town of Clayton was incorporated in 1869, recorded history in the area dates back to the early 1700s when settlers arrived while the Tuscarora and Sioux Indians occupied the area. With the arrival of the first post office and railroad came development in the area. The residents then gradually shifted to agricultural activities as the railroad facilitated the transportation of farm produce to the surrounding regions. Clayton, today, is a fantastic place to be for the fact that it is uniquely located such that big cities like Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill are easily accessible. That’s not to say that Clayton isn’t in itself a beautiful destination, because it is. Not only do history buffs get to visit so many sites and places to learn about the story of the area, but recreation enthusiasts also have the opportunity to spend time exploring picturesque parks, scenic trails, and the great outdoors in the town. Downtown Clayton and The Clayton Center are two premier locations in the town.

Clayton is known for Thin Crust pizza

Clayton’s pizzaiolos are known to cater to the desires of a wide range of aficionados, which is why there are plenty of pizza styles available in the town. For instance, if what excites you is deep dish pie, Sicilian, Philly steak, Greek, white, New York, or Naples-style pizza, you won’t have much difficulty finding any of these meals in the town’s pizzerias. With this in mind, you should know the locals have a favorite and it’s thin crust pizza. Even though individual preferences may vary from NY to Neapolitan or Greek pizza, the common denominator remains the same - delicious pies with a thin crust. With tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and fresh dough, as well as ample toppings, the townies are good to go. Where the pies may differ is with regard to the texture, the amount of cheese and sauce used, etc.

Best Delivery Pizza in Clayton

Roma Pizza Shop on Neuse River Parkway has to be the place that comes to mind whenever you’re craving pizza in Clayton and you don’t have the strength to, or even want to leave where you are. It probably is anyway if you’ve been in town for a while and have had pizza before, because you’ll surely have heard of Roma’s classy delivery service, even if you’ve never actually used the service Roma’s magic lies in the use of only fresh and top-quality ingredients and spices as well as the way they consistently make every pie to order so that all that requests for pies from here only have good reports. Create your own pie, order one of the gourmet or specialty pies, and sit back as you await your meal which will arrive within the stipulated time window. You can get started on Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Clayton

The place to go when next you feel like, or need to pick up pizza as you’re up and about in Clayton is La Cucina Italiana on Flowers Crossroads – and that’s on the proviso that you’re interested in getting the best takeout pizza that’s available in the town. After all, there’s nothing stopping you from joining the list of those that continue to enjoy premium meals served at this restaurant. You can always place your order ahead of your arrival if you know you’d like to walk in and walk out of the restaurant with your box of pizza without having to wait one moment longer. Slice helps with this. Curbside delivery also comes in handy here. Alternatively, you can spend some time seated inside or outside the pizzeria and enjoy the view while your meal is being prepared. You should definitely try the New York-style pizza. Order now on Slice.

Best Pizza Near Clayton

Wilson Mills

Wilson Mills is one of the old towns in Johnston County that’s equally considered new because of its history. Even though it was chartered in 1868 at a time when a railroad already passed through the area, the town wasn’t officially recognized till 1996. That never stopped the folks from having fun within the town, nor did it stop visitors from coming here for recreation and relaxation. After a long day of exploration and adventure, drive through Ana’s Restaurant & NY Style Pizza on your way home for delectable pies for the road.


The town of Knightdale, north of Clayton, was named after Henry Haywood Knight, one of the landowners in the area that gave land for a railroad depot to be established in its early days. In addition to the ample opportunities for recreation at the town’s parks, there’s excitement at Rudino’s Pizza & Grinders on Village Park Road where pie aficionados enjoy delish Margherita pizza, parmesan cheese pizza, and other mouthwatering specials. Dinner here is certainly on the cards whenever you’re in town.


The city of Raleigh, northwest of Clayton, needs no introduction seeing as it’s the capital city of North Carolina and is home to everything that makes a vacation or short visit memorable. Arts, culture, history, and recreation abound here and call out to those who fancy these pursuits. As a city that’s popular for New York-style pies, there’s surely no way you won’t find one variant of this pie that appeals to you. Check out Mega Pizza on Leesville Road if you need somewhere to start your pizza journey here.

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