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You won't walk or drive more than half a mile without finding a pizzeria in Lexington. Although North Carolina is known for iconic barbecue and seafood, there’s room for pizza, too. Since it came to the city, Lexington residents have treasured the Italian dish, and the state prepared its first pizza in 1952. Since then, many pizzerias have opened across North Carolina. The Italian immigrants introduced their Italian traditions to North Carolina after World War II, and that's how pizza came to the state. Most pizzerias are still following traditional pizza recipes, while others have adopted the new technology and are preparing pizza using advanced machines. Pizza is becoming more popular due to the food festivals held in Lexington for food lovers, such as The Lexington Barbecue Festival. These festivals have helped by providing an open platform for people to try new and interesting meals. Lexington is a developed city with diverse businesses and schools, which have led to growth in the population of young and middle-aged people. Pizza consumption has increased in the last decade since most people in these age groups love delivery and takeout food.

The best pizza in Lexington: a local guide

Visitors in Lexington usually don't expect to find good pizza since there is no popular pizza style associated with North Carolina. They may be shocked that most pizzerias in Lexington make mouth-watering Italian pizzas, leaving you feeling like you ordered in Sicily or Naples. Here, Neapolitan pizza dominates among the locals, and you will find this tasty dish in most pizza places around town. Many pizzerias are making authentic Neapolitan pizza using brick or wood-fired ovens traditionally used for pizza making. You use whole ingredients such as olive oil, tomatoes, fresh basil, basic dough, and mozzarella cheese to make Neapolitan pizza. The style doesn't require high-end toppings; thus, you can choose any toppings you would like. The crust is thin and charred and the high-end ingredients give it tons of flavor.

Best Delivery Pizza in Lexington

Times Square Pizzeria is a family-owned and managed restaurant which has served Lexington residents with flavorsome Italian and New York-style pizzas since opening in 2016. The owner, Salvatore Looz, also has some other pizzerias across the country with a good reputation for making world-class pizzas. The family has prepared pizzas for over 70 years, and each generation uses the same recipes. At Times Square Pizza they have a selection of loaded pizzas that you can get by the slice. The restaurant offers gourmet pizza, pasta, subs, appetizers, entrees, and salads. The Margherita Pizza showcases the Neapolitan style well and the Veggie Pizza has all the toppings you would want, including banana peppers. You can also have an authentic Neapolitan pizza experience by ordering one of Time Square’s pizzas with fresh mozzarella. Start with the Chicken Caprese Pizza and move on from there. Enjoy a delectable delivery pizza in Lexington by ordering on Slice for a quick and tasty meal.

Best Takeout Pizza in Lexington

Takeout pizza allows you to enjoy your delicious pizza at home, on a picnic, or even at work. When you’re looking for the best takeout in Lexington, head to Murano's Italian Restaurant. The Italian pizzeria offers tasty New York-style pizzas, so it’s no surprise that it’s a favorite among the locals. Start with their basic cheese pizza and customize it any way you want from the list of toppings. It will arrive exactly as you envisioned. Murano’s All Meat Pizza has five different types of meat. For vegetarians, Murano’s Vegetarian Pizza has extra cheese, spinach, banana peppers, and a bunch of other veggies piled on top. Murano’s also offers quesadillas, calzones, burgers, and pasta. For families, choose something off the kid’s menu and don’t forget about dessert. Everyone will find something to suit their needs here.

Best Pizza Near Lexington


Capri's Pizzeria & Family Restaurant in Thomasville is an Italian pizzeria that offers veggie and stuffed cheese pizza. The restaurant has served the residents for many years, and they have a good reputation in quality and price. The pizzeria also offers quesadillas, banana splits, lunch specials, milkshakes, and desserts. You can get delivery, takeout, or dine-in.


Bella Napoli X Press Pizzeria is an authentic Italian restaurant that has served Clemmons residents delectable pizzas for many years. The restaurant uses traditional pizza-making techniques like the use of a wood-fired oven. They only use homemade dough and fresh ingredients to make their pizza. Their focus is Neapolitan-style pizza, and you have to try the Bella Napoli Special Pizza. It has extra cheese, onions, mushrooms, green pepper, sausage, and pepperoni. Yum!


You’ll find Archdale northeast of Lexington, where Dugout is the favorite pizzeria for ordering delivery and takeout pizza with the locals. The restaurant has wallet-friendly prices and quality food which makes it retain and attract more customers. They offer Neapolitan pizza, which all leave your taste buds satisfied. Dugout has a great selection of steak dinners, lunch specials, and fried chicken.

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