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The best pizza in Morrisville: a local guide

The town of Morrisville lies predominantly in Wake County, North Carolina and was named after Jeremiah Morris in 1852, thanks to the significant land donations that he made to foster the growth of the town. The area subsequently developed because travelers could easily access other areas in the region like Hillsborough, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh from here. The rail line established here also fostered the town’s growth. If you’re looking for historic sites to visit here, check out Pugh House, Williamson Page House, and Morrisville Christian Church. For outdoor recreation, feel free to visit any of the eight parks in the town where you can enjoy activities like picnics, volleyball, hiking, basketball, baseball, and soccer. There’s room for interesting indoor activities in the town too, if you’re up for it. Besides, there’s no way you’ll be here and not notice the beautiful restaurants, pizzerias, and shops calling out to you.

Morrisville is known for Thin Crust pizza

Morrisville is home to thin-crust pies – so abundant that you can’t ever run out of meals to enjoy. The folks here are presented with thin crust pizza options that include Neapolitan pies, NY pies, white pies, Greek pizza, Philadelphia, Margherita pizza, and so much more. That’s why it can be hard to know exactly where they swing because each and every pizza that the chefs here cook is amazing and the locals love them all. It’s why the townies are known as thin-crust pizza lovers. Still, there are thick crust pies available too, for those that may wish to go for them every once in a while, so expect to find Sicilian, deep dish, and stuffed pizza in the town. You won’t find mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce wanting, and as for the common toppings here, examples are Italian sausage, pepperoni, green pepper, fresh basil, and onions.

Best Delivery Pizza in Morrisville

Ever since Georgina’s Pizzeria opened its doors on Davis Drive in 2006, the pizza experience of the folks in Morrisville went on to a whole new level that’s kept every pizza aficionado loving pizza even more. The family-owned and operated restaurant is particularly popular in town because of its excellence in pizza delivery to all within the town and those in the surrounding communities. Ordering pizza from Georgina’s is as good as cooking a meal in your home because you’re getting top-quality meals that will be ready and with you before you know it. In addition to the vegetarian and gluten-free pies available here, you can go for gourmet Naples-style pies as well as ones that you build from scratch to your liking. All you have to do is settle on what you’d like to have, place an order via Slice, and the rest, as they say, will be history!

Best Takeout Pizza in Morrisville

If there’s one restaurant in Morrisville that you can never go wrong choosing to pick up pizza from, it’s Rosati’s Pizza because every experience, be it your first or tenth, will be great and memorable. The team at the restaurant certainly ensures that every customer feels the enthusiasm and commitment to preparing only the best meals, and you’ll know from the moment you walk in. All requests and requirements are carefully addressed here so that the takeout pizza comes out the exact way you pictured. Such a delight! Some of the common meals here include the thin crust cheese pizza, double dough pizza, deep-dish pizza, and stuffed pizza, so feel free to choose whichever suits your cravings. After all, anyone you go for will leave you wanting more. Simply place your order via Slice, head over to Davis Drive, and pick up your meal.

Best Pizza Near Morrisville


Present-day Cary was originally home to the Tuscarora people before European settlers arrived in the area. Before the town was known as Cary, it was initially called Bradford’s Ordinary after John Bradford who moved here in the 1750’s to set up an inn/ordinary. Cary is popular for its restaurants and breweries, making it a top destination for foodies, so if you’re in town, feel free to have as much food and drinks as you like. You can always start off with delish NY and thick crust pies at Johnny’s Pizza on Cornerstone Drive.


There’s simply no way you can be in the city of Durham and not be intrigued or find the opportunity to pursue your unique interests. From the celebrated food scene to the cultural landscape and picturesque natural features here, there is plenty for you to do and see with family and/or friends. So, plan your visit and you’ll realize no time spent here is too long. One of the places you shouldn’t leave without visiting is Roma Pizza Shop on Sherron Road.

Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill is located northwest of Morrisville and retains a small-town feel despite how vibrant and metropolitan it is. Founded in 1793, this town is home to interesting cultural and historical artifacts as well as murals that make it a sightseer’s paradise. The Festifall street fair is one of the long-standing festivals you can partake in here, and when it’s time to eat, you can grab deep-dish pies at Sal’s Pizza & Ristorante on Homestead Road.

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