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Wake Forest lies north of Raleigh, North Carolina. The town was started by the North Carolina Baptist Convention in the early 1800s to establish an educational institute to train future ministers. Today the city is popular because of Wake Forest University. Its population mainly consists of young adults and students. The residents are enthusiastic, intellectual, outgoing, and service-minded.

The suburb of Wake Forest is an affordable living environment with excellent quality of life. Some of the larger cities in North Carolina are expensive and congested, but Wake Forest has a soothing quietness and calmness.

Students and young professionals are busy and enjoy relying on local restaurants for a lot of their food. Luckily, there are tons of pizzerias within the city for this; some are owned by locals, while others are pizza chains. There are various options to choose from; however, Mexican and Italian pizzas are the most prevalent. The restaurants keep you coming back for more with good prices and great selections as you focus on other things and love your life in Wake Forest.

The best pizza in Wake Forest: a local guide

New York-style pizza is the dominant pizza style in Wake Forest, despite being prevalent typically in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. The pizza is traditionally baked using coal or wood-fired ovens, with sauce on the bottom topped with generous amounts of cheese.
The pizza is made with a large hand-tossed thin crust, usually thick and crisp along the edge, yet soft and thin enough underneath the toppings for easy folding. It needs more ingredients than any traditional pizza. For example, the cheese is grated, low-moisture mozzarella. At the same time, the tomato sauce is made of canned tomatoes, garlic, salt, sugar, olive oil, and herbs like basil and oregano crushed red pepper. Additional toppings include meats like sausage or pepperoni, vegetables, and different kinds of cheese.
The pizza is sold in individual slices or as a whole pie, depending on your preference.

Best Delivery Pizza in Wake Forest

When you think of pizza delivery, you want the quickest one. It would be best if you got your pizza while it’s still hot and the cheese still melty. Johnny’s Pizza is the best place for fast and fresh delivery in Wake Forest.

Located on Capital Blvd in Wake Forest, Johnny’s Pizza is the perfect choice for delivery. They serve quality New York-style pizza that’s hot, crispy, with the perfect sauce, and very cheesy. You’d think the crust was imported from New York!

Their menu at Johnny’s is broad and has something for everyone. As good as their pizza is, do not overlook the rest of the menu. Their appetizers are all amazing, while their portions of pasta, subs, and wings are incredible. On top of that, the customer service is second to none.
Check out their menu on Slice today.

Best Takeout Pizza in Wake Forest

Pizza Corner is a family-owned pizzeria in the heart of Wake Forest. It is a great spot with prompt and friendly staff. The restaurant is the only pizzeria in Wake Forest with a drive-through service, making it perfect for takeout and ordering pick-up. Pizza Corner offers classic Italian recipes with the best ingredients and the freshest quality, especially for their signature true New York-style pizza with a crispy crust with tiny air bubbles in the dough.

When it comes to ordering, consider the nice and creamy Margherita that uses high-quality mozzarella or the pepperoni, which is always a crowd-pleaser. No matter what you choose, the sauce is rich and flavorful.

The menu at Pizza Corner includes calzone, panini, vegan and gluten-free pizza, and huge chicken wings. You should also consider trying their mango habanero boneless wings.

Best Pizza Near Wake Forest

Winston, NC

Suppose you’ve exhausted all pizza options available in Wake Forest. In that case, embark on the most affordable trip your mouth will take to Italy. Visit nearby Cugino Forno Pizzeria in Winston. There are numerous pizza choices for both meat lovers and vegetarians alike. They pride themselves on quality ingredients to produce their authentic, signature Napoletana pizza. The place is clean, neat, and has an organized outdoor sitting area. Everything they offer is top-tier and flavorful.

Morrisville, NC

Rosati’s Pizza in the heart of Morrisville is an Italian chain eatery featuring Chicago-style deep-dish pizza plus pasta and sandwiches. Their deep-dish pizza standard has always been a notch above the rest. They make it flaky and buttery, coat it with thick sauce, skillfully combining texture and flavor without sacrificing either. The staff is always friendly and ready to help with anything. Order their deep-dish pizza now.

Raleigh, NC

Located in the Pleasant Valley Promenade, the hidden gem that is Gino’s Pizza is a casual eatery doling out New York-style pizza alongside pasta dishes, sandwiches, and calzones. The casual atmosphere incorporates tasty pizza, reasonable prices, and friendly staff.
They make enormous pizzas which are great for home or office parties. They mainly have a meat lovers pizza that has quality meats combined with crispy outer crusts. People love the pizzeria because their flavors are always consistent.

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