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The best pizza in Wilson: a local guide

While there are many types of pizzas that residents of Wilson, NC are able to enjoy, the type that they are known for throughout the state is the Trenton Tomato Pie Pizza. There are several things that make this kind of pizza unique.

First, this pizza will lay down the cheese, usually mozzarella, and all the other toppings right on the crust. Once the toppings are in place, it is time to layer on the sauce. It also comes in more of a circular shape, unlike other similar Italian pizzas, and the crust is thin, making it harder to serve by the slice.

When choosing this kind of pizza, you may notice it is a little smaller than some of the other options. This helps to keep it from spilling out in the middle as the sauce does not provide a barrier. It is a tasty and delicious way to enjoy some of the culture of New Jersey.

Best Delivery Pizza in Wilson

The best pizzeria for delivery in Wilson is Italian Pizza and Subs. This hometown restaurant provides all the comfort that you need, along with great options to feed the whole family. When you have a lot of opinions in one family about what to have for supper, you may not have all day to run from one restaurant to another. Italian Pizza and Subs can help out!

Unlike some of the other pizza options, you will be able to enjoy large slices of pizza when you come here. Many customers will get a slice to share between two people. This is great news for those who want to get their money’s worth when they visit.

Large slices of pizza are not the only thing to enjoy while eating here. Customers get to enjoy wings, fried mushrooms, sandwiches, and Stromboli. This is definitely a place to try out something new because everything on the menu tastes amazing. No matter the type of pizza you want at home, Italian Pizza and Subs is the best option.

Best Takeout Pizza in Wilson

Grabbing pizza on the way home from work can be a great way to cut down on the chaos of supper time when you are ready to eat. And Pino’s Pizza can help make this happen. Whether you are looking to keep it simple with a pizza or you would like to try another Italian favorite, Pino’s Pizza has it all.

Customers love all the choices in tasty pizzas provided here and you can get many different types, whether you are there for supper or for lunch. Many also get the wings as a side and this is a customer favorite. You can also choose from a variety of sides, including fries, for those picky eaters who never seem to be satisfied.

When you are ready to grab something quick on the way home that is tasty and can satisfy the whole family, then Pino’s Pizza is here to save the day.

Best Pizza Near Wilson

Rocky Mount

Ramo’s Pizza and Grill is the best place to get pizza and other tasty food in Rocky Mount. Located in an old country store, you will find that the staff is welcoming and the food is always hot and delicious. Whether you want pasta, salads, wings, or pizza, you will not walk away disappointed when you choose to eat here.

Elm City

I Love NY Pizza is one of the best places to grab pizza when you are in the Elm City area. They have some of the best Italian choices and everyone in your family will be happy with the options. They are known not only for their pizzas, but also for some amazing fried ravioli you are sure to love.


Peri Brothers Pizza is one of the best places to enjoy in Raleigh, NC. They are open from 3 to 9 pm and provide some unique pizza options that you are sure to love. They are best known for their flat iron pizzas and the Way NY pizza that many customers are clamoring to try when they come to visit.

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