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The best pizza in Berlin: a local guide

Present-day Berlin, New Jersey, used to be known as Longacoming in its early days as a reference to the Lonaconing Trail that the Native American occupants of the region used for traveling from the Jersey shore to the Delaware River. The area also functioned as a stopover point for stagecoaches that moved between Atlantic City and Philadelphia. As a result, the Berlin area has been a major point of connection between top destinations for a long time. Italians that migrated into the US between the late 19th century and early 20th century also made their way to this region in search of jobs and better opportunities, thereby creating a life for themselves and influencing the locals with Italian cuisines and the culture in general. Today, the borough features historic areas and structures that are always a delight to explore and see, for example the John Wescott House, and Dr. William C. Raughley House.

Berlin is known for Sicilian pizza

If you’re a guest in Berlin and you take time to research the style of pizza that’s most common in the borough, it won’t take you long to realize that the answer is Sicilian pizza. In fact, judging from the way the residents are crazy about this pie from Sicily, you may conclude that the borough welcomed only immigrants from this part of Italy during the mass immigration in its early days. Interestingly, the pizzaiolos in the borough create all manners of wonders with Sicilian pizza here, to the point where you’ll never be able to fully exhaust all the varieties that are available. So, when you request for the thick crust square pie, you’ll get options like Hometown Sicilian, Grandma Sicilian, Tomato Sicilian, Veggie and Meat Lovers’ Sicilian, and Margherita Sicilian. Even thin-crust Sicilian pies are available in the restaurants, just in case you wish to have one.

Best Delivery Pizza in Berlin

Carollo’s Family Restaurant is that one pizzeria in Berlin that is synonymous with pizza delivery excellence, and that’s why this restaurant that’s located on Cross Keys Road is worthy of the rave about it because they keep raising the bar on what pizza delivery should be. You’ll be able to tell right from the moment your pie arrives and you dig through the pie that no one could possibly do it better. To start with, the pizza will arrive on time and will be aesthetically packaged, both of which will set the stage for you to tear through it with pleasure and utmost satisfaction. Every ingredient in the pie is always fresh and the smell gives that away very easily. Feel free to get whichever pie you favor, be it the regular cheese pizza, white pizza, a slice, or a gourmet special now on Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Berlin

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s any truth to the statement about whether there’s something in a name, then you need to place an order for takeout pizza from King of Pizza restaurant on South White Horse Pike and you’ll get your answer. What you should expect is the stuff of royalty from their specialty pies, Neapolitan pizza, Sicilian pizza, and other items on their extensive menu. Only one pizza size is available here – large – so don’t expect to pick up a smaller pie. Curbside delivery is not available here so you have to enter the restaurant when you arrive for your delicacy. Not to worry, the inside is beautiful, well-decorated, and makes every customer feel like a true king (or queen) regardless of how long or short you have to wait for your pie to be ready. Make use of the Slice app to place an order ahead of your arrival so you cut down on the wait time.

Best Pizza Near Berlin


Roma Pizza is the place to go in Waterford for the best pizza slices, so if you find yourself driving along White Horse Pike in this township, you’ll be doing yourself a world of good by stopping by for a treat. The township is a great destination for family getaways too, so feel free to plan to spend time at some of the hotspots like the Wharton State Forest or Atsion Lake with your loved ones.


The borough of Lindenwold lies northwest of Berlin and is home to not only great pizza but fascinating spots where you can relax, refresh, and recharge. If you’re looking for tasty pizza, look no further than Milanese Brothers Pizza where you’ll be treated like family when you get your pie. Clementon Park & Splash World is a popular amusement park here that has water slides that will certainly excite the kids. If you’re an angler, come along with your tools because you’ll love Kirkwood Lake.

Voorhees Township

McGowan Vorhees approved the creation of Voorhees Township when he was the governor of New Jersey, so the town naturally took its name from him. The best pizzeria in the township, interestingly, is also Voorhees Pizza on Centennial Boulevard. There are other fine restaurants here, as well as playgrounds, nature trails, and great indoor space. In essence, there’s so much to do here during a visit, so young and old are always welcome here year-round.

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