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Fort Lee is a New Jersey borough separated from the New York district of Manhattan by the Hudson River. It's an area that has had an interesting but checkered past beginning in the 1800s and continuing right through until the 20th century when it entered an era of economic stability. Fort Lee made its mark in history from the early days and takes its name from a military general, Charles H. Lee, who aided George Washington in the defense against the attacks from the British army on New York. Fort Lee didn't get back into the historic spotlight after that until Thomas Edison chose it as the location for his first film studio in the early 1900s. As the film industry developed, more movie companies were formed and many of them followed Edison's example and based their studio locations in Fort Lee. As Fort Lee grew to be the film capital of North America it attracted many migrants to move to the area. Not only did the Italian immigrants who moved there go to work in the studios and other movie-related businesses, they opened restaurants to feed the growing population with pizza.

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Fort Lee in New Jersey is known for New York-style pizza

Many of the first pizza chefs in Fort Lee didn't have far to go to relocate. All they did was cross the waters of the Hudson River from New York to start their new life. Not surprisingly, Fort Lee is known for New York-style pizza as that's the pie trend that took the Big Apple by storm and has been a firm favorite from the very first day it was served. Just because Fort Lee is known for New York-style pizza doesn't mean that's the only type of pie you can get there. The pizzerias in Fort Lee are seriously diverse when it comes down to forming their dough and you'll find they're skilled at Chicago-style, grandma-style, and traditional thick crust too. If it is a New York-style pizza you go for in Fort Lee, you can guarantee it'll be just as good as any you'll eat in New York itself. The base will be thin and pliable, the sauce herby and the cheese melted to perfection.

Best delivery pizza in Fort Lee, New Jersey

The best delivery pizza in Fort Lee, strangely enough, comes from a pizzeria called Fort Lee Pizza. They're a neighborhood fixture in the borough who know how to spin their in-house made dough to make a great pie. The delivery pizzas from Fort Lee Pizza always arrive in tip-top condition too so order from them and you'll be in for a premium quality bite. Fort Lee Pizza is on Lemoine Avenue where it occupies a smart, Italian-style premises complete with a red canopy over its spacious outdoor seating area. Inside it's more functional than trendy with hard-wood seating and formica topped tables, but when you're getting a delivery pie that's nothing to be particularly concerned about. Their pizzas are genuinely first-class and they'll cook you whatever style of pie you prefer in any form you like from party-sized tray bakes to a big New Yorker, Sicilian square or a round of thick crust.

Best takeout pizza in Fort Lee, New Jersey

If you've been visiting the Fort Lee Museum and are heading to Constitution Park for a stroll, you can pick up the best take-out pizza in Fort Lee from Baggio's to take with you for a picnic. Baggio's is a family-owned business that's been operating for years and who really know how their clients like their pies. Whether you choose to have just a slice or get an entire pie, it'll taste as good as if it's been flown in straight from Italy itself. Baggio's occupies a premises on Main Street in Fort Lee which has a certain Mediterranean appeal externally, but is all-American internally. You might think the contrasting styles of décor would clash, but they don't. They just give the place a warm look that's very welcoming. Baggio's pizzas look good too. Go for one of their Pizza Arugula or a la Vodka and it'll come dressed with fresh basil for a flavorsome and authentic Italian color contrast.

Best pizza near Fort Lee, New Jersey


If you're a boating or kayaking fan and there's too much maritime traffic on the Hudson River for you to cope with, make a trip ten miles north to Oradell. Oradell sits on the southernmost tip of the Oradell Reservoir, a man-made lake ideal for boating, paddling, and fishing. There are a few places of historic interest in the city center too like the 19th century built Atwood-Blauvelt mansion. When you're ready for food, you'll find that Calabria Pizza on Kinderkamack Road makes a great pie.

Jersey City

Go for a day out sightseeing without driving more than half an hour from Fort Lee. Head south out of the borough and after just fifteen miles you'll be in Jersey City where some of America's top sights are located. View the Statue Of Liberty, wander around the Liberty State Park then visit the Liberty Science Museum. All three make for a fascinating outing you can finish off with a pizza from John's Pizzeria on Sussex Street.


There's nothing more entertaining than seeing a strange place name on a map then going there to see what it's all about. Teaneck, a small city just five miles from Fort Lee, certainly has a name that catches the attention, but it is only the name of the place that's interesting as other than the castle-like Teaneck Armory, there's nothing there to see. Don't waste the trip. Stop by the Coliseum Pizzeria on Cedar Lane and have a pie for lunch.

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